Jackie Warner Australian Egg Corporation Interview

Jackie Warner Australian Egg Corporation Interview

Jackie Warner Australian Egg Corporation Interview

Jackie Warner's Top Ten Tips for Weight Management Deprivation does not work When starting a diet, for the first two weeks add healthy, nutrient filled foods (low sugar fruit/veggies/lean protein and a multivitamin). Your body will begin to naturally reject sugars and processed foods.
Never skip meals All of my morbidly obese clients have one thing in common – skipping meals. The moment you allow your blood sugar to drop (when you feel hunger pangs) you become a fat-storing machine. You must eat small meals or snacks every few hours.
Add the right foods to your diet Include two eggs a day in your meals as they are not only a nutrient-dense food with 11 essential vitamins and minerals but also contain Lecithin, which is fat burning and curbs the appetite.
Eat two to three cups of veggies a day They are natural fat burners and are loaded with fibre. Sneak your veggies into regular meals. For example, put spinach into a fruit shake to hide the taste.
Drink two to three litres of water a day with lemon Drink a bottle of water with morning coffee.
Crunches are a waste of time If you carry weight in your midsection, you will just build muscle under fat – thus making you appear bigger! The only way to get a true six-pack is to combine a healthy diet with resistance training.
Don't just set weight loss goals, set athletic goals People respond so much better if they have goals to work towards. If you are normally sedentary, make it a goal to walk around the block 10 times every other night. If you already work out, set yourself a challenge. For example, train for a triathlon or exercise for a cause.
Be a smart consumer and read labels carefully Fat-free products are loaded with sugar. Fat does not make you fat – SUGAR DOES! When grocery shopping, meals should have no more than 400 calories and snacks 150 calories – buy nothing with over 9 grams of sugar.
Change up your workout routine once a month, including cardio After a few months, the body adapts no matter how intense the exercise. You want to avoid getting into a plateau.
Eat the Good, the Bad, then the Ugly Classify the food on your plate in the following: Good = veggies/fruit/lean protein, Bad = starches/bread, Ugly = dessert/alcohol. Be sure to fill up on the good first.

Interview with Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner is a celebrity fitness pioneer, star of Bravo's -Workout' and -Thinspiration' and best-selling author of -This is why you're fat (and how to get thin forever)'. She's also an entrepreneur and owner of wellness centre, Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills and has trained people like Alanis Morissette, Eve, and Kathy Griffin. Her reputation as a no-nonsense celebrity fitness trainer and the fantastic results she has achieved for her clients makes her one of the most sought out trainers in the US.

Question: How do eggs play an important role in weight management?

Jackie Warner: First of all the yolk contains Lecithin which is a major fat burner and I talk about that, a lot, in my book This Is Why You're Fat and also eggs contain a tremendous amount of protein; studies show the protein is fantastic for weight management and metabolic balance.

Question: You've said eggs can also be used to kick-start weight loss. How does this work?

Jackie Warner: It is because of the high nutrients in eggs, eggs are considered as one of my superstar foods that I talk about because it is highly nutrient and it has tons of vitamins, minerals and is a pure source of protein. A lot of athletes actually take Lecithin because it is a natural fat burner and eggs contain Lecithin and that is how it kick starts your metabolism.

Question: We've heard that people should only eat the egg white - why is this?

Jackie Warner: People are concerned about cholesterol and eggs got a bad rep – they actually balance cholesterol because they are high in unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fat is the good, fat-burning fat which actually helps your body. I always recommend two eggs a day, with the entire yolk.

Question: What's your favourite way to eat eggs?

Jackie Warner: I have a tip! I don't like to cook and I know a lot of other people are busy so I suggest you go to the grocery store, get a carton of eggs, then boil the whole carton at once and the peel them. Put two eggs in snap-lock bag, with salt and pepper and keep those six little bags (or six portable snacks of high protein) in the fridge. Take the bags with you and as you are running to work or school - you can stick the eggs in your bag and have them as a portable snack.

Question: What other foods kick start our weight loss?

Jackie Warner: It may be a surprise, but I am a huge advocate for avocado, I consider avocado as one of my superstar foods because it is a fantastic source of good fat that burns fat. People need to understand that there is good fat and there is bad fat. Saturated fat is what increases the bad cholesterol not unsaturated fat. Avocado is fantastic and I recommended a quarter of an avocado, a day. Spinach is great because it is a high source of iron and potassium and again, spinach is a fat burner.

Question: What is your best tip to get Australian woman in shape for Summer?

Jackie Warner: I think it is really important to not set an unrealistic goal for yourself, if you hate gyms and weight training – don't join a gym. Find things that you like doing, go on the Internet and look at classes because I think classes are affordable and have a built in support system. Also, try things that you have always wanted to try, like dance, Pilates or boxing – find something that is more fun, for you, that you can incorporate as a lifestyle rather than something you feel that you have to do.

Question: Can you provide a few of your techniques for how to change the way we view food?

Jackie Warner: First of all, food is a drug, it has a pharmacological affect on the body and it instantly changes the body's chemistry for either the good or the bad. It is very, very powerful; which means people have to understand the more nutrients in the food and the more you have those foods in your system, the more hormone balancing it is, the more it curbs your ability and the more it detoxifies your organs, particularly the liver.

Question: You have a reputation as a 'no-nonsense celebrity trainer" why do you think this is?

Jackie Warner: I think it is because I don't endorse a ton of products, I always speak the straight truth even when I titled my book -This Is Why You're Fat'. People come to me for the truth because I am not someone to put my name on everything and I am very careful with that. The reason I am in Australia for the Australian Egg Corporation is because I truly have talked about eggs as a fat burner and a weight management source for years now. You're not going to see me endorsing milk, for example. People do believe in what I say because I care about health and having a happier more balanced life and that comes from controlling your body.

Question: Who or what inspires you to work hard and eat well?

Jackie Warner: Of course it starts with me, I changed my own life, completely, through fitness and diet; therefore I changed my genetics. Number two: I became passionate because earlier on in my career, in my first year of my certification, I was able to make a tremendous life changes with one of my clients, in particular. Helping others was very rewarding for me and I realised it's not just about getting a six-pack; I know that I can really elevate someone else's life through my work. I have never turned back, that is what inspires me.

Question: Are short, intense workouts as good as a longer, less intense workout?

Jackie Warner: Don't run from the burn, chase the burn. With each repetition you perform, you want to try and make that burn in the muscle, you're working. I always say, it's not how long, it's how strong. Small bursts of intensity exercise such as combining several exercises in one set, with no rest is much more effective than spending two hour at the gym where you are resting in between sets or you're reading a magazine on Elliptical trainer and when you're watching TV on the treadmill. Overall, to get a flat stomach it is important to resistance train on the big muscle groups, the more muscle you have on the frame, the faster your metabolism (a squat is a much more effective way to work the abdominals than a sit-up) and drink a tremendous amount of water (2-3 litres a day).

Interview by Brooke Hunter