Ivy Adara Apartment No. 2

Ivy Adara Apartment No. 2

Australian-born and Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Ivy Adara provides laxed electronic pop soundscapes in her latest single "Apartment No. 2" Well versed in the realm of pop musicIvy is proving an elevated sound with each release. With her next project set to be released in 2022, this vivacious young songbird is only warming up.

"This one was not an easy one to write. The song follows the journey of a sister and brother who were raised in a broken home. They grow to rely on each other by creating a parallel universe where, unlike the world they live in, they are deeply loved and valued. I wrote this at a time when I was doing some serious self reflection and I wanted to honour the sibling bond I had built with my older brother and sister. I wanted to write a song that gave a voice to the reality that going through hard times together can sometimes create the strongest and most beautiful relationships," said Ivy Adara.

"Apartment No. 2" is a song about living in a world so painful that sometimes the only option is to run away. It explores escapism as both a reality and a remedy. When Ivy first moved to LA she moved into her new home - apartment number 2, which quickly became her safe space in the middle of a dark and isolating city. When she sat down to write the song, she thought that Apartment No. 2 would be an interesting way to describe the journey of finding your safe space in life.

The rhythm section is influenced by early 2000's Hip Hop and the production was kept simple to give the lyrics their own space to be felt and cut through the track. Carefully placed emotive instrumentation is sprinkled throughout "Apartment No. 2" that speak for Ivy's personal message.

"Most of the time I write way more verses than a song needs. I'll write the chorus first because I like to know where I'm going and then I explore. My curiosity often gets the best of me and I end up spending way too much time exploring the world of the song. Much like writing a book I like to meet all the characters and find all the spots in town with the most interesting personality," continues Ivy.

One of the most brilliant parts of this song is that the overall sound is packaged and created to reflect the story inside, it's dark and it's light. Ivy has incorporated a smooth, simple glaze of ethereal-like vocal layering whilst riding the sharp edge of raw and acoustic instrumentation. She is passionate about creating a world that explores the dark truth of life while remembering that as long as we have the people we love around us, we have hope.

After being sent a guitar loop from her friend Jae Green (Justin BieberMachine Gun Kelly), Ivy spent months crafting the lyrics and melody for "Apartment No. 2." Starting with a chorus which didn't change much after the first draft, Ivy then went through multiple verse options to make sure she had the right ones in the end. She then sent what she had to her friend DallasK (LauvFifth Harmony) who produced the song, keeping it  true to Ivy's sound.

Ivy's raw, dreamy vocals chase a vintage acoustic guitar that provides an organic canvas to tell the story of a girl who's brave enough to face her demons in order to find herself again. Inspired by her love for the acoustic genre, she wanted to channel the integrity that undergirds the music of Carol King and Carly Simon. Wrapped in a warm, driving rhythm, the lyrics make you want to dance and cry all at the same time. "Stranger," Ivy's most recent single, takes you to a place where you can be honest about where you are today, while being hopeful about who you can be tomorrow. "Stranger" received warm reception from Women In PopThomas BleachAmnplify, and more, plus was added to Unearthed Radio.

Adara has had countless sync success on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) and Love Island (CBS) with upcoming releases featured in the JLo movie, "Marry Me" and with artists such as Mae MullerCheat Codes and Tinashe. The songstress has received recognition on a global scale as a songwriter collaborating with renowned producers, artists and songwriters such as: CirkcuitCaptain CutsRoget ChahayedOakSelena GomezRita OraDayaJennifer Lopez, and G-Eazy.

Ivy recognized her path early on and wrote her first song at seven-years- old (inspired by Aussie artist Kasey Chambers). From then on, the budding talent simply never stopped writing, leaving her discography's total streams exceeding 200 million on Spotify alone. Becoming an in-demand talent behind-the-scenes, she seamlessly transitioned into the spotlight as a solo artist with her first EP Introduction. She then went on to perform co-written song "Bye Bye" at Coachella and on many more stages with acclaimed DJ, Gryffin.