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Gyprock's cornice collection adds unique design elements to home design styles

From classic to contemporary homes, unique design elements are a must, and one way to add interest and style to your interior is with cornices. The perfect accent to the aesthetic harmony of a home, Gyprock's collection of eight cornice designs will complement and balance interior design features and help bring the whole space together by adding detail and personality.

"Cornices are often overlooked when home owners are planning and designing their rooms, but the right cornice can quickly transform any living space and complete the look of the room," says designer Greg Natale. "There are no hard and fast design rules to follow when choosing a suitable cornice. A cornice with clean geometric lines offsets a contemporary room, while a cornice with formal curves looks right at home among period or Art Deco-inspired interiors."

There's a new focus on cornices – especially given the myriad of functional and aesthetic benefits they offer. Visually, cornices instantly draw the eye upwards and appear to lift the ceiling making rooms appear bigger. To extend an interior style throughout a room, cornices are often painted to match skirting boards, resulting in a seamless design flow. For those wanting to add interest through colour, painting the cornices in a contrasting colour to the walls can have a bold dramatic effect.

Helping to set the tone, Gyprock's cornice collection complements eight home design styles from Australian Coastal Luxe to Earthy Mediterranean to Modern Farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse
Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cosy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel. Gyprock Presto cornice compliments this style perfectly with the modern simplicity of square set whilst maintaining an intriguing design aesthetic.

Australian Coastal
Luxe Inspired by the Australian coast, this general laid back, breezy and charming aesthetic works perfectly for the Australian lifestyle and climate. Long flowing sheer curtains waving over white timber flooring fosters the sense of relaxation Australians associate with coastal living. Gyprock Aria cornice, beautifully echoes the weatherboard cladding typical of Australian Coastal Luxe.

Contemporary Hamptons
There's no greater home design trend that has quite captured the hearts and minds of Australians like the Hamptons trend. Named after the luxurious summer destination of choice for New York's glamourous set, Hamptons-style embodies coastal styling and relaxed living. The parallel lines of the floorboards and wall panelling harmonise wonderfully with Gyprock Trio cornice. Comprised of three solid steps, Trio delivers a striking presence in concert with the brick and board facades typical of Hamptons architecture.

Bright and Playful
Unexpected textures combine perfectly with timber elements to create a youthful ambience. This style of design is perfect for bringing children's rooms and play areas to life. The trend of creating bedrooms as eclectic and individual as the child who occupies them is growing in popularity and what better what to realise this than with colour, pattern and texture. You will never have a better excuse to paint your cornice than with this style palette and with Gyprock Alto strong shadow lines are achieved with a simplistic design making painting a breeze.

Textural Opulence
Combining neutral tones and natural textured materials for the ultimate luxury experience. Depth and texture and the interplay between curves and straight lines are all important. Timber contributes to infuse a sense of opulence, enhanced beautifully by Gyprock Symphony cornice. A sweeping, reversible profile gives the ability to create different impressions in different rooms. Textural Opulence is all about combining elements which seem unlikely to work together, but end up infusing a sense of splendour into a home.

Sophisticated Luxe
The design palette of dark wool carpets, brass and timber elements set the tone for a luxurious and bespoke room. This design includes a moody blend of tonal elements inspired by the night sky colour palette, and here, a striking cornice such as the sophisticated Gyprock Concerto is the perfect choice. Subtle curves offset by a rigid line gives a formal look and feel. From the country or atop a city apartment building, your home will feel luxurious.

Earthy Mediterranean
Inspired by the earthy elements of the Mediterranean, the tactile blend of old and new seamlessly bring outdoor elements inside. Romance and ornate simplicity are the hallmarks which typify Mediterranean design, blurring the line between interior and exterior spaces. Gyprock Duo cornice frames these rooms superbly but unobtrusively, allowing the soft warmness of the Mediterranean earth tones to take priority.

Scandi Greys
Layers of tonal textured greys create a refined and restrained elegance. Scandinavian interior design is all about sleek minimalism, emphasizing clean lines and simple furnishings whose form follows function. The clean surface and subtle lines of Gyprock Tempo cornice aid the sense of purposeful beauty integral to Scandi design. The coolness of the greys is reflective of the Scandinavian landscape, with warmth added by maximising natural light, using rich timber and textured layers throughout the room.

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