Barney Martin Get the Look with Pantene

Interview with Barney Martin

Barney Martin worked at London Fashion Week on runway fashion shows for Fendi, Twenty8Twelve, Jaeger, Clements Ribeiro and Issa. Barney is a Pantene Expert Stylist.


How to get the look:
1.Hair was first given texture by drying loads of mousse into roots upside down
2. Hair was sectioned from ear to ear and back of hair was scraped into a tight pony on the crown
3. The front section was backcombed up onto the top of the head and the pony was worked into the backcombing
4. The hair was then rolled into a tube and pinned into place to create the quiff
5. Finish with hairspray.

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"Great show, hair had a soft quiff worn not too big and with loose texture. This look is really a Sam McKnight classic." - Barney Martin


How to get the look:
1.Create a simple but polished blow dry - a lot of time and effort was spent to make sure these blow-dry's were absolutely perfect
2.Hairspray was applied when the hair was almost dry, so there were no fly-away's
3.To finish the look, tousle hair with your fingers and apply hairspray to give a textured but smooth look.

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"Sienna Miller's show again was a viewing, rather than a formal runway show and was held in a luxury mansion." - Barney Martin.


How to get the look:
1. A small amount of mousse was applied to the hair to create natural-looking volume
2. Hair was then carefully blow-dried smooth
3. A jacket or hat was worn by each of the models and the hair organically loosened as the show wore on.

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"Jaeger was a traditional runway show at the strand, the official site. These are the type of shows I really love working on. The hair was worn tucked into jacket collars or under hats which were the main feature." - Barney Martin.

Clements Ribeiro
How to get the look:
1.Blow-dry the hair smooth
2.Section hair evenly from ear to ear across the crown
3. Plait hair through the nape of the next to the opposite side of the head
4.Then plait the top section in the opposite direction
5. Finally, twist the plaits together to join them at the back and secure with pins

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The Clements Ribeiro was a viewing rather than a formal runway show - this seems to be happening a lot in London this year!


How to get the look:
1.Blow-dry hair upside down using lots of mousse to push the roots up
2.Next, section from the recession of the hairline (about eye level) to the crown - take this triangle of hair and pin out of the way
3. Take the remaining hair and pull into a very high pony tail - this should sit right on top of head
4. Backcomb the front section of hair to create the quiff (we added a sponge to keep the lift)
5. The hair from the pony at the top was then braided, knotted and pinned in place

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Barney Martin worked with international stylist Malcolm Edwards on the Issa show at London Fashion Week. "This hair was amazing, however it's a bit of a tough one to re-create at home and had more product used than I have ever seen!" - Barney Martin.

Interview with Barney Martin

How do you come up with your astonishing hair styles?

Barney Martin: I really take my inspiration from the travelling I do to fashion week in Europe. It's not just the shows but also the street fashion. Every time I come back from a trip I am really inspired to create the new trends here and adapt them so they have a local edge.

When do you decide how you will style the hair, is it when you see the model, outfit or before?

Barney Martin: I like to see the whole package before I decide on the style. The length of a dress or neckline of a top can really impact whether your hair will look better up or down and also where the part line is. Your jewellery is also an important factor, with big earrings you will need to wear it off your face.

Explain the experience of working with models during London Fashion Week:

Barney Martin: I had a really mixed experience with the models this year. You always have your mix of superstars and beginners. This year it was really noticeable that the brands saved the higher end models for the Milan and Paris shows.

I also find that the more experience the model, the more relaxed they are about what you are doing to their hair. Sometimes the new models can tend to freak out at have their hair back combed.

What is it like backstage prior to a fashion runway show?

Barney Martin: Backstage at a runway show is chaos, no matter how much time you are given, it's always down to last 15 minutes before everything comes together. Final checks of the hair need to be done, and 9 times out of 10 when the girls change their outfits there is a disaster. There is a team allocated to touch ups during the show as some outfits can be hard to get on and off.

What is your overall favourite hair style?

Barney Martin: My overall favourite hairstyle at the moment is inspired by the 50's rockabilly era. Quiffed fringes whether they are big or small. Also backcombed crowns with headbands were really popular on the streets of London. And long hair- everyone is growing out the bob.

How can we easily style our hair for the office?

Barney Martin: There are a few options, but my favourite at the moment is braids.
To create a braid simply:
1. Take a triangle section at the front of the hairline
2. Split section of hair into three equal parts
3. Continue as you would a plait but for each section you cross into the middle you need to add hair from each side of your head - keep adding until you reach the nape
4. To finish off, plait the hair to the end of your pony tail and secure with hair band

What hair styles will we see more of coming into Winter?

Barney Martin: Block fringes are always really popular for winter. Big, thick fringes look best with long hair and long layers. Make sure you get the edges rounded as this will help to frame your face.

Hair can really change the overall look of a model, how do you ensure the hair collates perfectly with the fashion?

Barney Martin: It's all in the pre-production. The designer, the stylist, the make-up artist all have to be on the same page.

What is your overall favourite hair product?

Barney Martin: Treatments are my favourite hair product as they are essential to keep your hair healthy and shiny. If you have coloured or treated hair you should be using treatments at least once a week. In winter you should increase this to twice a week. Try the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle from Pantene.

What is the best way to keep our hair in top shape?

Barney Martin: Treatments are the best way to keep your hair in top shape. Women also tend to blow-dry their hair more often in Winter, try and have a heat free day once a week. You also need to have regular trims, if you have short hair every 4-6 weeks or for long hair every 6-8 weeks.

How did you originally start hairdressing? Who inspired you?

Barney Martin: My parents were both hairdressers and had a salon in London. I basically grew up in a salon!

Do you prefer to use more or less product?

Barney Martin: I always say less is more, if you want to get the most out of your blow-dry make sure you don't apply too much product.

Interview by Brooke Hunter