In the Path of Light with Maa

In the Path of Light with Maa

In the Path of Light with Maa

A new book is helping give readers the reins on their own lives in the ongoing search for personal life purpose.

Swami Parameshwarananda is coming forward about his own personal journey with In the Path of Light with Maa. Serving as a resource for people to gain a clearer understanding of the power they have over their life path, the book encourages readers to transform their lives. An educated spiritual coach and healing practitioner, Parameshwarananda has personally questioned the purpose of life and its accompanying challenges, and now hopes to reveal the insight that has led to his awakening.

"The path isn't usually clear, but we're all on a journey to find out who we really are," he says. "This book encourages us to embrace who we are now while also taking steps to recreate ourselves."

Parameshwarananda was inspired to write stories and share his experiences after 17 years of personal transformation with Her Holiness Sai Maa, whose mission is to spread global enlightenment through personal change. The book, also accompanied by the workbook Inside Tips: A Transformation Workbook, provides readers applicable lessons in the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness.

"If I could change my life given how angry and clueless I was, if I could come out of the cave and into the light, then anyone can and I am here to help them do it," he says.

The book also ties relevant global issues to what is going on inside us as individuals, addressing the question of how to move from fear to love and how to improve overall health and relationships. An engaging read, In the Path of Light with Maa brings together stories and practical life lessons to expand on Parameshwarananda's transformational coaching platform.

"We become the masters that we always have been through discipline and practice," he says. "We transform through action."

Swami Parameshwaranandais a transformational teacher, coach and author. He has lived his life as a bar mitzvah boy and initiated monk, husband and father, student and Ph.D. psychologist, management consultant and consulting firm partner, executive coach and spiritual guide, non-profit executive and board chair, teacher, lecturer and healing practitioner. A graduate of Beloit College and New York University, Parameshwarananda reflects the life he has lived and who he is in this moment, and serves as a testament to the constant love, service and teachings of an enlightened master and Divine Mother who has graced his life for more than 17 years.

In the Path of Light with Maa
Author: Swami Parameshwarananda
ISBN: 9781452537634
Price: $19.95

Interview with Swami Parameshwarananda

Question: What inspired you to leave a management role at a consulting firm to write a book?

Swami Parameshwarananda: I left my management consulting role when I decided to travel to India for a year and became a monk. I then lived in an ashram on Colorado for seven years. What motivated me to leave my job was my desire to focus on my spiritual practice, to learn more about myself and what's important to me, and to be with my spiritual teacher.

Question: There are several issues raised in this book, such as elements of parenting and the relationship between a father and daughter. Was this deliberate or did the story evolve this way?

Swami Parameshwarananda: I raised issues about father-daughter and parenting in the book because my relationship with my daughter Becky is central in my life, and it has transformed so dramatically over the last 15 years because of my spiritual path and my relationship with Sai Maa, my spiritual teacher. I feel that our relationship, and how it has evolved and flourished, can serve as an inspiration to other parents and children. How we can move from anger, resentment, separation in our relationships with our children, to mutual respect, love and understanding. How we have a lot to learn from each other.

Question: How important was it to you, that Becky, your daughter, co-wrote a chapter of this book?

Swami Parameshwarananda: I really wanted Becky to write part of the chapter about our relationship ("Becky and Me") because I wanted everyone to get a sense of her directly, not just my point of view. She's very funny, passionate, down-to-earth, creative and a great writer! And she has "her own take" on our relationship, which enhances what I write and have to say.

Question: Can you share a couple of your tips for parents in terms of communicating with their children?

Swami Parameshwarananda: LISTEN, really not just making as if you're listening (that means being with them when they're speaking, not talking in your head about what you want to say, not interrupting, not advising or giving the answer you think is right)
Ask questions: Keep informed about your children's state, concerns, joys. If they don't answer, don't impose what you want from them. Just make sure they know you're there, interested, and ready to listen
Make sure you express your appreciation for your children, their gifts and talents, what they bring to you, what they add to your life
Be funny, joke, laugh, be a child yourself with your children also provide discipline and structure which children need. As I put it, be Father, Dad and Daddy, or Mother, Mom and Mommy, showing all aspects of yourself in how to communicate to your children (through your words, body language, the energy you put out)
Spend valuable time together, not just with activities (what they'd like to do, too!), but in how you spend your time together (playing, cuddling, getting to know each other better)

Question: How did you go about titling the book?

Swami Parameshwarananda: Our teachings are that we're all energy; everything is energy. Our energy can be lower frequency, or higher frequency which is LIGHT. We are IN the path of realising ourselves as this high frequency light. We're not ON the path which is more superficial and not as engaged in finding ourselves. Life is a journey, and mine has been one of rediscovering that love with myself and transforming myself through my time with Sai Maa, It's a journey for all of us to realise and express our love by transforming ourselves.

Question: What was the most difficult part of writing In the Path of Light with Maa?

Swami Parameshwarananda: Stopping myself from writing - the words just came and I didn't want to go to sleep. Otherwise, making sure the stories, lessons learned, questions for reflection, and practices for transformation, in each chapter all lined up and made sense together.

Interview by Brooke Hunter