I Want My Dad, Tony Ross

I Want My Dad, Tony Ross

The Little Princess wants an exciting daddy who can teach her new things: will the King measure up?

The Little Princess is jealous – all her friends' dads can do amazing things. The Cook bakes delicious cakes: the King burns buns. The Gardener takes his daughter on adventure-walks through the forest: the King gets lost on his way to bed. When the Maid volunteers to do these things with the Little Princess, it looks like her problems are over. But what if she has more in common with her dad than she realises?

• Publishing in good time for Fathers' Day, to celebrate that special bond.
• The King may not be able to do lots of impressive things, but his pride in Little Princess's achievements is worth all those exciting adventures put together.
• Encourages father-child bonding - the perfect bedtime story.

About the author 
Tony Ross has been illustrating books for over 40 years, and has been published all over the world. He is perhaps best known for his much-loved Little Princess series, which has been adapted for TV and is currently showing on Channel 5s Milkshake, and for his collaboration on David Walliams' best-selling children's books. Tony's books have been shortlisted for the The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Slug Needs a Hug) and the Kate Greenaway (Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Tiggers), and Tadpole's Promise won the Silver Medal Smarties Prize. He has been named as the best-selling Illustrator Biography in the UK for three years in a row, and he is the UK's libraries' most-borrwed Illustrator Biography. He lives in Rutland.

I Want My Dad!
Walker Books Australia
Author: Tony Ross
ISBN: 9781783447558
RRP: $ 14.99


Review: The little princess has a way of celebrating the simple things in life with beautiful illustrations and stories to make life look better.