House Husbands Season Two DVD

House Husbands Season Two DVD

House Husbands Season Two DVD

Cast: Firass Dirani, Gyton Grantley, Rhys Muldoon, Gary Sweet, Anna McGahan, Julia Morris, Natalie Saleeba, Tim Campbell, Edwina Royce
Genre: TV Drama
Rated: M

This new season holds new surprises as the husbands build a new home, prepare for the arrival of a foster child, narrowly escape a vasectomy, argue over the going tooth fairy rate, bury a possum, get lost in a bush, organise the school disco and face an unexpected tragedy.

Not only is it award-­winning, House Husbands is also a ratings king, averaging 1.181 million viewers across its second season winning its timeslot across key demographics.

Warm-­hearted and funny, the four men and their families will come up fighting against anything and everything that life throws at them, even if it means they are running late for the school bell.

Special Features:
Interviews with the cast

House Husbands Season Two
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