Get Lucky DVD

Get Lucky DVD

Get Lucky DVD

Cast: Luke Treadaway, Emily Atack, TJ Ramini, Craig Faibrass, Terry Stone
Director: Sacha Bennett
Genre: Crime, Action
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 82 minutes

Get Lucky is a gritty British crime thriller directed by Sacha Bennett (Bonded by Blood, Outside Bet) and co-written by Walter Taylaur and T.J. Ramini in their screenwriting debuts. It is a story of how money can warp the minds of anyone and lead them into a world of violence and betrayal.

Lucky and Raphael are two brothers with a habit of organised crime. When a -job' goes very wrong and Lucky finds himself in debt to big-time gangsters Sebastian and Kramer, he is forced to join his wayward brother on the biggest heist of all – rob the casino of the most powerful crime-lord in town, Mr. Zigic.

Along the way, Lucky is sidetracked by Bridgett, a beautiful seductress who is not all she seems to be, and soon finds his namesake rendered laughable. Can Lucky live up to what he is known for and escape his predicament while successfully paying off his brother's adversaries? With betrayal and twists of fate, it seems everyone in Get Lucky has an ulterior motive.

Special Features:
Feature Commentary with director Sacha Bennett and producer Terry Stone
Deleted scenes
Alternate scenes

Get Lucky
RRP: $34.95