Harper Bloom You're The Music

Harper Bloom You're The Music

Skyrocketing indie-folk sensation Harper Bloom has shared her brand new single, the foot-stomping folk anthem, 'You're The Music' while also announcing a new management deal with Jim McKinnon at Teamtrick (Allday, Mallrat) and a booking agency deal with New World Artists.

Since releasing the endearing debut single 'Mary' at the beginning of 2020, Harper Bloom's career has blasted through the stratosphere. 'Walk My Way', the follow-up single to 'Mary' and breakthrough single for Harper, was an instant hit amongst the tastemakers at triple j and Unearthed, receiving significant rotation across both stations. 'Walk My Way' fast captured the hearts of music lovers across the country, and saw Bloom harvest a fresh crop of new fans, drawn to her confessional lyricism and ability to craft captivating stories through songs.

While COVID lockdown put a dent in her live music plans, Bloom's songwriting process never diminished, and she locked herself away in her bathroom writing songs. It was here in her cramped bathroom that 'You're The Music' was born, and showcases another heart-on-her-sleeve vignette from Bloom featuring lyrics flowing with emotional depth and introspection.

According to Bloom, 'You're The Music' follows the journey of the song's protagonist and their partner, detailing their first meeting, the relationship's ensuing chaos, love and humour, before their final moment of union.

"'You're The Music' is a coming of age story, celebrating two perfect strangers who grow together through life's many ups and downs and become each other's point of reference," says Harper.

"The song came about because of a line I read in a novel which said, "She was like music". From that line, I pictured a scene of a couple going back to the same dance floor where they had first met years ago. I then imagined myself, standing there looking at my partner and having a whirlwind of flashbacks of our first meeting and all of the moments which led to her playing such an important role in my life."

Accompanying the new single is a heartwarming lyric video, that features candid photographs of real-life couples of all ages, races, gender and sexualities, highlighting how love exists within everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or cultural background.