Hallmark Collaboration with Megan Hess and Disney

Hallmark Collaboration with Megan Hess and Disney

Hallmark Collaboration with Megan Hess and Disney

Inspired by fashion shows and couture ateliers around the world, Australian illustrator Megan Hess brings her hand-drawn creations to Hallmark, crafting a premium range of greeting cards to celebrate life's special occasions.

Celebrating both life's special and everyday moments, the exclusive collection features some of Megan's most iconic artwork, including birthday cards adorned with illustrations from her stories -The Peonies' and -Black Lace'. Other cards are embellished with designer bags, fun quotes and illustrations of famous fashion destinations around the world such as New York City, Paris and Sydney.

With a prominent following on social media, these high end designs are complemented with some of Megan's most popular Instagram illustration posts, such as the -Coffee Girl' and the beloved French Bulldog.

Megan Hess has also worked with The Walt Disney Company, in collaboration with Hallmark, to create the jewel in the collection, a princess inspired card range comprising nine cards reimagining three of the Disney Princesses - Cinderella, Belle and Aurora.

These cards are perfect for women of all ages, and add extra magic and sparkle to a premium greeting card range.

"Hallmark and Disney are two partners that I've always dreamed of working with and it's been a wonderful journey seeing the collection come to life. I hope the range can bring a touch of glamour to those special messages we share with loved ones throughout the year!"

The Megan Hess for Hallmark Collection includes 36 cards for birthday, friendship, love, thank you, congratulations, wedding and baby. Priced at $8.99, the cards feature rich paper stocks with hand-drawn illustrations and calligraphy and are complemented with premium foil lined envelopes.

The collection is available from Hallmark independent specialty retailers and Target nationally from September 2016.