Haiku Hands Fashion Model Art

Haiku Hands Fashion Model Art

Following the announcement of their debut self-titled album available September 10 via Spinning Top Records (AU/NZ) and Mad DecentHaiku Hands reveals a masterpiece of music and movement on the official video for Fashion Model Art (feat. SOFI TUKKER).

Filmed in Sydney, the video was captured by acclaimed director Jasmin Tarasin.  "Haiku Hands are in fact a wonderful collision of fashion, model and art in the very best way. It was so inspiring to be able to play and create with these women in collaboration with our combined creative community . I enjoyed the process so much and feel that the fun and beauty we found is seen on screen. We had the very best time," says Tarasin of the experience. 

Haiku Hands revel in satire and sass in their latest serotonin boost.  "The song celebrates the fashion model art character within ourselves. We revel in the hilarious, tense, fun, ridiculous and utmost seriousness of these moments. SOFI TUKKER jumped on this song after we toured with them for a month in the US. We ask ourselves, what should we do with our hands?" says Haiku Hands of the track. 

"We met Haiku Hands on tour in Australia," says SOFI TUKKER. "After seeing them literally once live, we immediately asked them to go on tour with us. We've been good friends ever since. It was so fun working on this track with them. We love how they build in humour and choreography into their music."

Rebellious, experimental and wildly unconventional, Haiku Hands was primarily recorded in Melbourne with Joel Ma (Joelistics) and features emblematic collaborations with SOFI TUKKER, Mad Zach, Machine Drum, Mirac, Elgusto of Hermitude and Lewis Cancut.  Featuring lead singles Not About You, Manbitch and Onset, the 12-track LP probes themes including technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary and is available for digital pre-order now.   "The record explores an attitude of empowerment, humour and positivity whilst also delving into darker themes and expressions. We aimed to be original in our creative choices, we were influenced by multiple genres and artists but were aiming to create something that sounded new and different," muses Haiku Hands of the album. 

With their debut album right around the corner, stay tuned for more exciting news and infectious tunes from Haiku Hands.