Green & Black's New Organic Chocolate Flavours

Green & Black's New Organic Chocolate Flavours

Spoil yourself with Green & Black’s new flavours: White Chocolate and Butterscotch

Ethical indulgence is now even sweeter with Green & Black’s latest chocolate blocksGreen & Black’s organic chocolate has two new flavours available in 100g blocks, WhiteChocolate and Butterscotch, which is the perfect size for sharing or indulging now and savingsome for later!

The smooth, creamy taste of Green & Black’s White Chocolate is created by combining cocoabutter with flecks of Bourbon Vanilla, the world’s second most expensive spice, to create aluxurious experience with an authentic flavour you can see.

If you love the unmistakable molasses flavour of traditional butterscotch, then Green & Black’sButterscotch is the chocolate for you. Each bite contains crisp, crunchy pieces of organicbutterscotch submerged in Green & Black’s darker shade of milk chocolate.

Green & Black’s sources the finest organic ingredients and uses tried-and-tested methods tomake its chocolate, free from pesticide residue and genetically modified ingredients. Itsproducts are made using cocoa beans supplied by farmers who use biodiverse methods tosupport a more environmentally sustainable ecosystem.

The company shares the aims of the Fairtrade movement – it pays its farmers a fair price,develops strong relationships with producers and invests in local infrastructure to improve livesin communities that grow its cocoa. Choosing Green & Black's benefits the future of thegrowers’ environment and community, making it an ethical indulgence that satisfies not only thepalate but the conscience.

Green and Black!s organic chocolate is available at all major grocery stores and selected greenand health food stores.

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