Grandparenting Grandchildren

Grandparenting Grandchildren

Grandparents are increasingly involved in raising their grandchildren, yet until now no comprehensive guide has existed on the rewards and complexities of this crucial role. 

Grandparenting Grandchildren (Exisle Publishing) is the first guide of its kind written specifically for grandparents, and aims to help you raise well-rounded, ready-to-learn, happy grandchildren. It covers the key influences on healthy development: movement, music, sleep and food, explaining both how they benefit the brain and how to implement them in your grandchild's life. Learn to build a loving, supportive relationship, while constructing essential life skills for happy, capable, and confident learners.

Written by internationally known experts in the field of early childhood education, Australian Dr Jane Williams, and New Zealander Dr Tessa Grigg, Grandparenting Grandchildren is out worldwide now.


Grandparenting Grandchildren
Exisle Publishing
ISBN: 9781925820799
RRP: $32.99