Grand Lafayette Zany Cocktail Menu

Grand Lafayette Zany Cocktail Menu

A Curative Tonic For The Body And Soul: Lafayette Launch Inspired Cocktail Menu

Windsor – now a premier dining, imbibing and clubbing destination, has a glamorous new pit stop with which to get your party night started.

'Lafayette Happy Hour' feature inspired cocktails the likes of which you will have not seen before. Following the popularity of a medicinal vitamin saline drip, pres party, Lafayette have devised cocktails in a drip-feed bag, complete with metal hospital stand and latex tube.

Rest assured, this is not an intravenous injection, but a pleasant sip, and conversation piece. Called the 'Witch Antidote' the drip feed cocktail is composed of squeezed strawberry, lime, blueberry and apple and black currant in drip-feeding bag, where punters can choose from either smoking Tequila or Japanese Yuzu.

Other Layfayette potions to enjoy are the 'Mimosa Poison', served in laboratory glass orbs.

Reviving the popularity of the eighties favourite liqueur, Blue Curacao, Mimosa Poison is a concoction of lemonade and sparkling wine, infused with applewood and garnished with blueberry and fresh lychees.

A good cocktail list needs Gin – and lots of it. The 'Kombucha Spritz' allows you to feel healthy and revitalised with ginger kombucha while you are simultaneously soaking up a nice lime and aperol lift.

These restorative and seductive cocktails are expertly matched to a menu of delicious Japanese dishes, featuring: tasty and succulent Pork Tongkasu, Tako Karaage, Unagi and the ever-popular Yakitori, and it wouldn't be a boozy Japanese party if there wasn't any sushi and sashimi, with fresh sushi and sashimi platters ready for guests to indulge in, before the fun night ahead.

Housed over two shop fronts at 9 Clifton Street in Prahran, Lafayette seats over 100 people, and is a café dining and bar destination that offers two distinct services catering for the brunch coffee crowd during the day and then Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant during the evening.

The interiors are whimsical, preparing patrons for the playful and tasty gastronomic adventure that awaits. With excellent coffee by Five Senses and a comprehensive list of mocktails, and now, cocktails – Grand Lafayette is all about food for intrepid food lovers.

Grand Lafayette
9 Clifton Street, Prahran
Telephone number: 03 9510 0501