Gobble Some Grapes

Gobble Some Grapes
Loved for their sweet bunches and easily enjoyed by the whole family now is the perfect time to grab some grapes, be it a bunch of red Crimson Seedless, sweet Red Globes or juicy green Thompson Seedless.

Grapes are fun for all the family! Easy to eat and requiring little preparation, grapes are perfect to eat on the go - a healthy treat for the lunchbox, munching on at work or packed on a family picnic.

To make your grapes 'groovy' this season try some of our fun serving suggestions for the kids below:

FREEZE: your favourite grapes and eat them icy cold for a refreshing treat.

WOBBLE: for a fun dessert or snack pour fruit flavour jelly over cups full of grapes.

BLEND: dark grapes with cranberry juice, some frozen berry yogurt and ice for a healthy grape slushie full of flavour.

DIP: your way to delectable grapes by dipping in melted chocolate. Don't let the kid's have all the fun. For an adult version grapes can always be soaked in orange liqueur pre dunking!

For gorgeous grapes choose bunches with fresh stems that are well coloured, plump and somewhat tight, with grapes firmly attached and skin intact. Pop into the fridge to keep them in prime condition.

Table grapes are loaded with phytonutrients such as resveratol which is found primarily in the fruits skin. Resveratol has been found to fight breast, liver and colon cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties according to preliminary studies. Grapes also contribute some dietary fibre and vitamin C.

Available from October to May grapes are available nationally now from supermarkets and your favourite fruit store.

Other Suggestions:

  • Eat fresh grapes with muesli and yoghurt
  • Grape ice-cream: fold some grapes and toasted almond slivers, chopped nougat or violet crumble through some softened vanilla ice-cream before refreezing
  • Grape tartlets: fill bought tart shells with a spoonful of custard, pile of grapes and glaze with a little melted jam
  • In glasses, layer Greek yoghurt with grapes and toasted muesli, top with a tablespoon maple syrup
  • Serve cold with honeyed mascarpone
  • Serve grapes in a salad with radicchio, goats cheese, watercress and a simple mustard seed vinaigrette.
  • Add green grapes to a salad of shredded cooked chicken, mint leaves, Lebanese cucumber and shallots with a creamy dressing
  • Grape Tuilles, layer almond bread with grapes and creamy custard or zabaglione.
  • Drunken grapes, soak cut grapes with brown sugar, creme fraiche, Cointreau and top with toasted flaked almonds to serve

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