Goat Meat Curry

Goat Meat Curry

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Delicious goat curry recipes to try this Goatober

Taking place every October, Goatober food festival is celebrating the terrifically tasty goat meat. Trendy, nutritious and delicious, Australian Goat is the secret ingredient to the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) curries. While goat meat is cooked to perfection in a number of international dishes from the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Caribbean, Asia and Europe, only 6% of Aussies are aware of the meat as an option. You've goat to be kidding me!

It's time for Aussies to get onboard with this globally treasured dish. To celebrate Goatober, Australian Goat has uncovered three of Sydney's best restaurants serving up the G.O.A.T curries.

With recipes passed through generations, you're in for a real treat whether you want to pop into one of the restaurants this Goatober or give goat a go at home.

Sun's Burmese Kitchen's 'Goat Meat Curry'

Full flavoured, fresh and packed with unique flavours, this is Burmese soul food at its finest.

Serves: 5
Preparation: 2 hours (to marinade)
Cooking: 1 hour 30 mins

1kg goat meat (leg without bone)
1tbsp salt
2tbsp turmeric powder
1tbsp vegetable stock
2tbsp garlic minced and grinded
2tbsp ginger minced and grinded
1tbsp chilli powder
1tbsp paprika
1tbsp cumin seed
3tbsp curry powder
4 medium onions (chopped and minced)
20 curry leaves
200ml vegetable oil

Wash and strain the meat then cut into bite size pieces.
Combine and grind all other ingredients (except the oil and curry leaves), and marinate the goat meat. Set for 2 hours.
Place the marinated meat into a pot, adding the curry leaves and oil.
Cook the meat on medium heat for approximately 30 minutes, stirring every 5-10 minutes until the water has evaporated and the oil and curry starts to form.
Switch to a low heat and continue cooking until tender. Hot tip, you can add a small amount of water to the pot to make the meat softer.

Serving Tips:
Commonly served with a traditional Burmese soup, you can plate up your Burmese dish with coriander garnish, fresh salad, lemon and rice.