Glem Monolith Series

Glem Monolith Series

Glem Monolith Series

Multitask with a culinary Monolith

From the home of balsamic vinegar and Ferrari comes the newest cooker from the Glem Monolith series - an equal mixture of culinary heavyweight and the latest in manufacturing technology made in Modena, Italy.

This European appliance can handle a multitude of cooking tasks simultaneously thanks to two ovens and five gas burners. It also provides home cooks with the choice of gas or electric cooking in the larger oven, to match the cooking task at hand.

The explosion of reality television cooking shows has helped to boost the nation's enthusiasm for cooking, even leading to an increased number of students enrolling into the hospitality industry.

For these keen home chefs, Glem's addition to the Monolith range is a cooker that can equal that of a professional kitchen. The new state-of-the-art 100cm Bi Energyselect cooker has been designed with two ovens, which is ideal for meals which require different temperatures and cooking techniques. The smaller of the ovens is a 30cm electric oven with electric grill, while the larger oven is 60cm wide. This larger 60 litre capacity oven also features Glem's exclusive bi energy function which allows home cooks to choose between cooking with gas or electricity within the same oven.

This ultimate chef's appliance offers the best of both worlds by sealing in the moisture of roasted meats with the gas oven, or by crisping cakes, pastries, bread and souffl├ęs which are more suited to the dry heat produced by an electric oven.

Four burners and an additional centre triple ring wok burner with flush cast iron trivets, are both functional and stylish. The cooktop provides ample space to cook substantial family meals with large pans or woks, as well as smaller burners for simmering and lower-heat cooking tasks.

The Bi Energyselect 100cm cooker (model ML106GGESIB) RRP: $5999.
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