Ginger and the Ghost Kindred Spirits Interview

Ginger and the Ghost Kindred Spirits Interview

Ginger and the Ghost Kindred Spirits

Future-pop duo Ginger And The Ghost have announced their spectacularly unique and vibrant new single Kindred Spirits, an ambitious reflection of the moment kindred spirits connect, out July 25. A luscious clip to accompany the track has also been released; filmed in the stunning Australian wilderness, the video features intricate, innovative costume design and a purposeful narrative. And this work of art is as extraordinary as you'd expect from this impressive, independent, all encompassing outfit who both directed and creative directed the film clip, keeping their purist DIY ethos in check, hand-making the costumes & props and even collaging the single's cover art.

Since hitting over 10 million combined streams, playing shows at SXSW and The Great Escape, and enjoying multiple #1's on Hype Machine, the duo went back into the studio with close collaborator and multi-platinum London producer Benbrick (Troye Sivan) to create Kindred Spirits. They entice audiences towards the dancefloor with current, uptempo beats, like The Knife, yet maintain a truly avant-garde sensibility, like Björk. They're deeply in tune with their practice and between their previous release Glow, to the latest in Kindred Spirits, the duo have contemplated everything from a human's purpose on earth, to the birth of the unique connections between true soulmates. Lead vocalist and one half of the duo, Missy, explains the reasoning behind the song that is reminiscent of Sia or Fever Rey, 'Kindred Spirits is a small gift wrapped in lyrics and sound... a music myth made as an imprint for our lineage. The song honours and celebrates the spirit that finds two people - I imagined the moment when they connect. They share an umbilical cord and are birthed at the same time by the spirit allowing them to have that sense of knowing that only they have. They become a mirror image of each other, a reflection of themselves."

The clip encompasses the otherworldly nature of the narrative perfectly, as it begins with Missy's eerie acappella accompanied by breathtaking aerial shots of the diverse Australian landscape with director of photography Harry Glassborrow at the helm. As the clip progresses, the tranquil vibes are replaced with enigmatic, intricate creatures with mirrors in place of their faces, representing the search for a soulmate. The clip for Kindred Spirits was directed by the band themselves, and collaborated with a group of highly talented creatives (Bettina Mcilwraith, Department of, Claire Pony, BLACK KRSNA, Amethyst Misty, Angie White, Alexandra Dodds Jewellery, Nathan Smith Jewellery) on the beautiful, complex costumes, and remarkable set design. Overall the clip is a wonderful fantasy, with themes that hit close to home, as Missy explains, 'The characters have mirrored faces, reflecting the beauty of each environment and finally each other. The Ghost character, inspired by ancient soothsayers, was in each scene as a guide for the characters. Ginger portrays a protector of sorts, stood amongst the offerings from each landscape, covered in empowering words as part of a ritual to honour nature and connection."

Ginger And The Ghost have been very busy in the leadup to the new single, playing packed out shows in Europe until the end of August and heading over to Burning Man in the States for a few shows. After having built a solid fanbase in Europe, the duo are stoked to return to international festivals such as Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria and to taste-maker venues such as MUSIC BOX in Lisbon. The duo are thrilled to be on the road, but pumped to head back to Australia later in the year to celebrate the release of Kindred Spirits.

A magnetic force on stage, Ginger and the Ghost lead listeners into their hyper-real world, urging them to leap over lush ancestral landscapes and dive into deep majestic waterfalls on dancefloors and art galleries from the Australian wilderness to Europe and back!

Ginger And The Ghost are Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne.
Kindred Spirits is set for release on July 25.



Interview with Missy Gilbert

Question: How does Kindred Spirits differ from Glow?

Missy Gilbert: Kindred Spirits is more of an introduction to the albums sound as a whole, lush ceremonial sounds and beats.

Question: How would you describe Kindred Spirits?

Missy Gilbert: I just woke up so my brain is not ready for a bold statement but I think it's a lush little magic spark dancing in the forest.

Question: What inspired the track, Kindred Spirits?

Missy Gilbert: A lot of things, our family, my personal friendship connections. I had a mood board of inspiring visuals in the studio and one artist's work I resonated deeply with was Yin Shadowz. Yin Shadowz paints incredible contemporary folklore characters, with her own modern mythology; symbolic serpents, birds and flowers - things you find in ceremony and ritual. I ended up commissioning her to create an original one for us too.

Question: Can you tell us about the incredible clip to accompany the track?

Missy Gilbert: The costumes were made to reflect the nature around each character; the mirrors on each face reflect the beauty of that environment too. That can be taken so many ways so we leave that side of it to discover. The live ropes that take them out of the forests and connects the characters to one area, are a simple message to connect to each other. This will make us stronger and that's what we need right now, connection.

Question: Why was it important for you to include shots of the Australian bush in the clip?

Missy Gilbert: The Australian bush is our main source of inspiration and sanctuary; we shoot a lot in nature to celebrating its beauty and hopefully making people care more about actively protecting it.

Question: What is it like touring the UK?

Missy Gilbert: We haven't toured UK much yet just a few festivals and showcases - we have played Europe the last three years, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Italy; all incredible destinations. It's incredible always, an endless summer.

Question: When can we expect some hometown shows?

Missy Gilbert: We are about to lock in a very special performance in Sydney early September so we'll change our flight and come home a little earlier to make it happen! We'll be announcing it soon. Plus hope to lock in some summer slots leading into the album release.

Question: How would you describe a Ginger And The Ghost show?

Missy Gilbert: Magic! Magic! Magic… made for you to feel captivated and connected and also a little wild and free!

Question: If you could have anyone, in the world, attend your show, who would it be?

Missy Gilbert: David Bowie or David Byrne or David Attenborough!

Question: Which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Missy Gilbert: All of them, yeah.

Interview by Brooke Hunter