Get The Gringo DVD

Get The Gringo DVD

Get The Gringo DVD

Cast: Mel Gibson
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rated: MA
Running Time: 95 minutes

Crashing across the Mexican border in a getaway car contain millions, career criminal, 'Driver is soon arrested by corrupt law enforcement officers. Separated from his spills and illegally incarcerated in the notorious El Pueblito prison, Driver finds himself befriended by a worldly 9 year old boy.

To gain his and the boy's freedom - as well as get back his loot - he must use all his skills to turn the broken system against itself. That is, if he can survive fail long enough…

With non-stop action and unbridled comedy, Mel Gibson is back to his best.

Special Features:
* Get the Gringo: A Look Inside
* El Corrido del Gringo - Music Video

Blu-ray Special Features:
* On Set: The Car Chase
* On Set: The Showdown
* On Set: The Raid

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Blu-ray: $47.95