Georgia Van Etten Emma Lee

Georgia Van Etten Emma Lee

UK based, Melbourne born singer Georgia van Etten is set to release her second single of 2021, "Emma Lee" to accompany her debut album Deep Black Water - out now.  The tale of "Emma Lee" while sadly far too common, exposes people who seek relationships as a means of validation; not truly wanting their partner for who they are but instead for what they can rectify. It's not only a story of events, but a message for people to be more open with themselves and is delivered through a dreamy soundscape of soulful refrains and folk inspired grooves.

"I've never written a song so fast as Emma Lee," said Georgia"It sounds pretentious when people say a song just 'poured out' of them- but it did just that, it poured out one morning. I almost awoke singing the chorus! It's the only song on the record not directly about me, so perhaps it helped being somewhat removed from the subject matter, in that it allowed me to write more intuitively."

Taking the edge off some of the complex, darker themes and sounds of the Deep Black Water album, "Emma Lee" is showing Georgia's versatility, playing with lighter harmonies and melodies that are beyond doubt pleasantly catchy. Proving its timelessness, this track has been floating around Georgia's bank of music for a few years now, even being tried and tested to a live audience some time ago. Being a separate entity from the rest of Georgia's library "Emma Lee" has taken its time to be carefully primed and produced.

"The song is inspired by the ex-girlfriend of a close friend and is written from his perspective," said Georgia"The lyric 'you need to know yourself, you can't do that through me' acts as a plea to his partner to commit to dealing with her problems with him and not through him."

Channelling a country feel, both Georgia and Producer Edwin Ireland took inspiration from folk duo Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" to add a percussion loop beneath "Emma Lee." Naturally, thereafter the addition of a mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar were adjoined by guitarist Mike Redfern to intensify the southern sounds. Coming to life in the studio, "Emma Lee" was uplifted by stunning folk inspired Violin by Jed Bevington and Organ by David Ferris underneath the verses; a linking element between all tracks on the album. The vamp on the bridge builds delicate tension and is released by Oscar Reynolds' drum part coming in for a toe-tapping ending.

"Emma Lee" follows Georgia van Etten's well received recent singles "I'd Like To Be" and "Deep Black Water." A track masterfully fueled by smooth silky vocals "I'd Like To Be" is an exuberant ode to the moment of telling someone how you feel about them. Praised by Women In Pop, "I'd Like To Be" has been commended for showcasing, "van Etten's ability to construct a multi-layered, all-encompassing song but also her stunning vocals which range from warm and emotive to jaw-dropping.

"Deep Black Water," the title track of Georgia's upcoming album, comes as a reflection of stories of those from the most impoverished areas of London within the scope of an elitist society. Emphasising dichotomy van Etten utilises dark brooding soundscapes and soulful vocals to voice the powerful message.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Georgia packed one tiny suitcase six years ago and headed for the U.K. Since then she has solidified her position as an international touring artist, headlining festivals across the UK, Europe, and Australia. Her debut EP Live at the Pool Studio had extensive international and BBC Radio 2 play with Jamie Cullum remarking "This really blew me away when I first heard it", and Blues & Soul Magazine UK declaring "Put simply, this is a damn fine EP". 

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