Frozen Yoghurt Bites

Frozen Yoghurt Bites

Fruit is an important element of a nutritious diet as it contains a range of vitamins, minerals and fibre to help growing kids. With a rainbow colour selection to choose from, fruit can be an enjoyable part of any child's diet.

30g honey
300ml plain yoghurt
Fruit of your choice!


Blend yoghurt and honey together.
Blend each fruit separately.
Mix the yoghurt and honey blend with each fruit blend.
Scoop the combined mix into an icy-pole mold or ice cube tray and put a wooden stick in each.
Freeze until ready to eat!

Five Easy Recipes to Get Kids Cooking and Eating Like a Pro

Are you struggling to get your children to eat their two and five serves of fruit and vegetables a day? Don't worry, you're not alone.

We all know the importance of including healthy and nutritious meals in a growing and active child's diet, but that floret of broccoli or slice of apple might not be the first thing kids pick out of their lunch.

Encouraging your little ones to become involved in the kitchen is a great way to positively influence their preferences and behaviours towards food and build a solid foundation for a nutritious diet in their early years.

Europe's leading home appliance manufacturer, Beko, has launched Eat Like A Pro to inspire healthy habits in Australian households to ensure kids are fueled with the right nutrients, just like a pro, so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Beko is a Main partner of FC Barcelona, so we know what the best athletes in the world eat to help inspire healthy eating habits in kids. Beko's Eat Like A Pro recipes are created and approved by FC Barcelona nutritionists and are simple to make, helping parents take the challenge out of feeding nutritious meals to the family.

Beko's Head of Healthy Eating, John Brown, shares their top five Eat Like A Pro recipes that will allow all children to become a pro in the kitchen.

To check out more kid-friendly and healthy Eat Like A Pro recipes, visit