Firepit Barbecue

Firepit Barbecue

Expert tips and easy recipes for creating delicious food on your firepit barbecue.

As an experienced chef and food writer - and a dab hand with the barbie tongs - Ross Dobson knows a thing or two about cooking with fire, on a firepit with a simple grill or hotplate. Ross shares tips on the best wood to use, foolproof instructions to tame the flame and make the heat last, advice on how to prepare food for the grill, marinades for tenderising and adding flavour, plus ideas for delicious butters, salsas, dips and breads. Over 90 recipes, for chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb, vegetarian meals and vegetables, are simple to prepare, fun to cook and perfect for your firepit barbecue… Whether it's fragrant chicken parcels for a healthy mid-week family dinner, whole trout with lemon and dill for Sunday lunch, or spicy beef kebabs for a cruisy Friday night feast with friends.

About the author 
Ross Dobson is the author of many best-selling cookbooks, including Fired Up, King of the Grill and Grillhouse (gastropub at home). Ross' use of ingredients and cooking techniques draws influences from SouthEast Asia, the Middle East, India and the Americas. He is a keen outdoor cooker, both on the barbecue and, more recently, his firepit. Ross has established and operated several award-winning cafes and restaurants in Sydney.

Firepit Barbecue
Ross Dobson
Murdoch Books Australia
ISBN: 9781922351906
RRP: $35.00


Review: A definite winner this Christmas for every man who loves his BBQ.  Jam packed with delicious recipes and bbq tips to get them gr gr ing all the way to their man cave.