Fiona Bavage Makes Wine Label Design an Art Form

Fiona Bavage Makes Wine Label Design an Art Form

Fiona Bavage Makes Wine Label Design an Art Form

An exciting Adelaide designer is behind some of Australia's best recognised labels, with one of her most famous wine designs being the highly distinctive Grant Burge Sparkling Non-Vintage Pinot Chardonnay- today the fastest growing premium sparkling wine in Australia.

An now, to top her mastery of wine label design, Fiona Bavage has just finished the design of a label that many believe could prove a masterpiece in design and innovation- for the newly released Grant Burge 2008 Moscato Frizzante

Fiona began her career as a graphic designer specialising in brand design, packaging and corporate identification following graduation with a degree in visual Communication from the Underdale Campus of the University of SA in 1993- and has not looked back.

Fiona explains she drew inspiration for the Grant Burge 2008 Moscato Frizzante label from the Art Nouveau designs of the early 20th century- design that incorporates curved linear and stylised organic forms.

As she explains: This art form was inspired by the natural world- especially floral and plant motifs- and what is more natural than wine.

"In fact, the design of the Grant Burge 2008 Moscato Frizzante label is very much in the tradition of the Grant Burge Sparkling Non Vintage Pinot Chardonnay label- it is an expression of the celebration of wine. "

"Frizzante means 'tiny bead' (or bubbles) and these have also been incorporated on the label as rising bubbles of sparkling wine.

"I have designed with the Grant Burge Wines marketing team, a label that is feminine, frivolous and fun- but at the same time very stylish- just as the Grant Burge 2009 Moscato Frizzante is a fun but serious and stylish wine."

The result is a magnificent new look- one befitting a wine of glamour and style.

The gold, orange and copper label of the Grant Burge 2008 Moscato Frizzante depicts the fruitness and lightness of the wine and as Friona Bavage explains: "I wanted to express the freshness of the wine on the label and at the same time make it a wine that looked stylish and was appealing to the consumer."

The look held immediate appeal to Grant Burge, who has long been a supporter of Fiona Bavage.

As she explains: "The first label I designed for Grant Burge was the Shadrach label back in 1994- it was a wonder coup so soon after finishing my degree. At the time I was working for AQ Print Works in the Barossa Valley and this was the first time I had been allowed to design a wine label in my own right. it must have been pretty good- in fact I know it was- because Grant Burge and his wife Helen have been two of my greatest supporters ever since- staying with them when I moved from job to job until the time I was confident enough to set up my own business in 2001."

While she has designed wine labels for many top Australian wine companies in her 14-year career, Fiona Bavage has not worked exclusively in this arena.

In fact she has been the face behind many Australian food products and has recently begun designing packaging for a new native Australian skin care range, while also working on corporate identities.

With a five-year-old son (Felix), Fiona is very much the designer of her own future explaining "Though the establishment of my own business I have greater independence and power of my own destiny and can still be there for my son."

The 2008 Grant Burge Moscato retails for around $18.00 per bottle.