Father's Day Gift Angle: What Type Of Dad Do You Have?

Father's Day Gift Angle: What Type Of Dad Do You Have?

With this nifty formula, there is no excuse for bowing out with the old socks and jocks! Max Brenner has identified four key types of dad and matched the perfect gift set to each, making buying a gift even easier and more delicious!


For the Fix-it type of dad: Max's Munchies Gift Set

When he opens his First Aid Chocolate Box satisfy all his chocolate cravings with a bespoke selection of items including Max's famous Belgian waffles and chocolate creations.
RRP $60.50


For the CEO dad: Tin 18

After a long day at work, your dad can pop one (or a few) of these in his mouth and enjoy the mouth-wateringly delicious signature Pralines. Presented in an artistically designed keepsake gift tin, your Dad can savour the moment forever.
RRP $44.50

For the Daddy Day Care Dad: Chocolate Fondue Tower (RRP $28.00) and Milk Caibos

Max's Chocolate Fondue Tower is the perfect gift to bring out your dad's inner child along with the rich Milk Caibos which melts into a smooth chocolate fondue. This delicious dipping ritual, ideal with strawberries, marshmallow or banana, will bring the whole family together.

RRP $14.00


For the Super Dad: Get Addicted & Be Happy Gift Set

Chocolate is considered by many to be a natural drug as it increases serotonin levels in the brain, making chocolate devotees happier. Continue spreading your dad's energy, happiness and love with this decadent supply of Max Brenner's creations.
RRP $69.50


Your dad won't want to stop at these gifts so complete his Father's Day experience with a trip to a Max Brenner Chocolate Bar where he can indulge in a range of items from the new menu including the Praline Meringue Puff Extravaganza (RRP $14.00), Addictive Praline Cigar (RRP $9.90) and the Sinful Whiskey Torte (RRP $12.50). With Max Brenner open late, why not take dad out for dessert?