Fast & Fruity

Fast & Fruity

Fast & Fruity


All-natural, 100% real fruit in perfect pouch form injects new life into tired tinned fruit category!

Brilliant on breakfasts, divine in desserts and superb in smoothies, Fast & Fruity are an exciting new range of great tasting, all-natural fruit pouches.

The Fast & Fruity range are a healthy way to enjoy, store and consume fruit, injecting new life into a tiring tinned fruit category.

Fast & Fruity are a great tasting, pourable, chunky fruit made from 100% pure fruit, with absolutely no added sugar. They are perfect as a quick and easy breakfast topping or ingredient for anything from smoothies and baking to ice blocks and pancakes.

Each pouch is conveniently re-sealable, has no added sugar, no added preservatives, sulphites or sodium and is gluten-free. The 500g pouch packs come in three flavours be-licious berry and apple; golden peaches with a hint of vanilla; and sunshine sweet tropical fruits.

Unlike tinned fruit, the Fast & Fruity pouches deliver fruit that is not drowning in sugary syrup, which means more real fruit and less sugar.


Review: Tasty and convenient, what more can you ask for?  Fast & Fruity is a reliable addition to any pantry for all your food emergencies - smoothies, breakfast, baking, or even as a side with dinner.


Fast & Fruity will be available in Coles stores nationally from May 29, 2013 ($4.59 for a 500g pouch pack). Find them in the canned fruit isle.

Flavours: Be-licious Berry and Apple, Golden Peaches & Tropical fruits & Apple