Eric Prod From Me To You (Part 2)

Eric Prod From Me To You (Part 2)

On the back of his first release, Everyone Is Ordinary Before They're Famous, Brisbane-based songwriter Eric Prod has taken a huge right turn to release From Me To You, Pt. 2 from his impending follow up A Talked About Small Town. Though, while a departure in sound from his first release, From Me To You, Pt. 2 retains the guitar/piano interplay evident in Spotlight and Laidy.

Rhythm and melody? Peter Sellars was half right. Add space and feel to the mix and you will begin to understand Eric Prod. Based in Brisbane QLD with origins in Gerringong NSW, Eric is developing a style which blends the laid back vibes of the south coast with the cutting textures of city life.

Eric had a strong musical education thanks to his father who, as coach of the local first grade rugby league team, would mark each win with a party where the howls of Springsteen, Orbison, Fogherty, and Lennon and McCartney could be heard echoing throughout the house.

Recorded at Studio 4031 in Brisbane, the From Me To You, Pt. 2 is the second of a three part series given first light whilst living in Sydney circa 2017.

'Part 3 actually came first. Then Part 2, both relatively quickly. It's Part 1 that I am yet to bed down. All three contain similar chords, with similar meter changes, played at a similar tempo. Lyrically each part is probably more overt than my other songs but, still, I am much more interested in hearing how others interpret the lyrics rather than spelling them out. It's good to retain some of the mystery, allows people to personalise your music more easily.' - Eric Prod

As From Me To You, Pt. 2 sets a clear path for Eric Prod, he plans to release two extended plays: the folk-inspired A Talked About Small Town and the grittier urban tones of Via Snakes, both due late 2019.

For Fans Of: Bruce Springsteen | Glen Hansard | The Teskey Brothers
'From Me To You (Part 2)' will be in Digital Stores on the 4th of October.