Eagle Eye Jones Paperskin

Eagle Eye Jones Paperskin

With their new release for 2021, Sydney indie rock group Eagle Eye Jones present 'Paperskin'. Inspired by the events of last year, the single encapsulates the uncertainty of the times we have lived through, and the wonderment of what a new normal can potentially be.

Taken from the band's forthcoming debut album, 'Paperskin' is one of Eagle Eye Jones' darkest releases yet but stands out as one of their most striking and dynamic. As a unit, they have developed refreshed strength and confidence as they worked on the full album - exploring new influences and sounds to incorporate into their new music.

The sound of 'Paperskin' is rich and textured, thriving on defining rhythms, guitars and urgency in its pacing. 

"Inspired upon the brink of COVID lockdown in March 2020, 'Paperskin' is a song about a disappearing world. Walking through the empty streets of Newtown I was struck by the notion that all the perceivably 'immovable' structures such as society, economy, and, to an extent, general human decorum, where only paper thin and had crumbled around me in a day. I felt utterly alien and alone. A sobering yet spine-tingling realisation."  Luke Saunders, Eagle Eye Jones

The broodiness of 'Paperskin' has been brought to life by Kane Lehanneur (The Sauce), who took the band's idea for using newspaper headlines as the core of the music video. The end result, dramatic and impactful, captures the energy of 'Paperskin' perfectly.

"Months leading up to the shoot we had this loose idea to use newspaper headlines, mainly from COVID times. Luke's dad (Bruce from Balgowlah), loves reading newspapers so he put aside particular pieces that he thought would work. By the time we got around to the shoot we had hundreds of newspapers to sort through…  Then came assembling it on the faces. We were all mummified with COVID headlines, it took hours. Someone lost count of the amount of frames we had taken during Jamin's take, and he ended up being under there for 500 frames, about 300 longer than everyone else, and we were all taunting him with snacks whilst he had to patiently sit there until the end." Eagle Eye Jones