Strangely Enough Stories You Tell Yourself

Strangely Enough Stories You Tell Yourself

Strangely Enough has just returned with the tranquillizing synth and indie-rock haven in the lead single 'Are You More?' ahead of the long-awaited debut EP 'Stories You Tell Yourself'.

With his genre-bending approach as a multi-instrumentalist, Greg Olley (Strangely Enough) has blended an infectious palate of tones, crafting a debut EP that exudes energy, passion and feeling. Paired with the beautiful soundscapes and intoxicatingly powerful vocal deliveries are underlying themes of existential exploration, desire and self-pity. Olley talks about the EP:

"When I'm writing a song it becomes like a little world that I inhabit for a while. I try to write honest things that I think are true about myself or the world around me and when I strike on something I like I stick to it and repeat it over and over. The title for the EP is kind of a reminder to myself that no matter how many times I sing these songs or repeat these ideas, they're just stories I tell myself. Just ideas in my own head about myself and the world I live in."

Opening the EP is 'Long Time Coming' (released in March 2020), a gradually building track that glistens with euphoric and polyrhythmic synths, cool-skanking guitar and a potent groove.

Maintaining the high-dynamics built from the opening track, the lead single 'Are You More?' follows with it supernova explosion of tones and fast-paced beat.  Moving through thought-provoking sentiments and questions it concludes in an electro-indie-rock supernova.

Then, 'Hush' washes over like a smooth, laid-back wave that pushes and pulls with the tide. As the band sits back, Olley's empowering vocals drive the track forward, stirring a melancholic emotion - the light feeling is shaded by the darker indulgence of loneliness and self-pity.

Setting the world alight and launching off into space to close the EP out in the most epic fashion is 'I Want To Know'Strangely Enough has thrown everything into this emotive and sensory overloading number while contemplating leaving all responsibilities behind, cutting all ties and venturing out in the wild. 

Leading up to this debut EP release, Strangely Enough's previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, theMusicAU Review, AAA BackstageHappy MagMTVABC RageScenestr and many more.