DJ Tigerlily Lifestyle Choices Interview

DJ Tigerlily Lifestyle Choices Interview

Interview with DJ Tigerlily (Dara Hayes)

Question: Happy New Year! Have you set any resolutions for the year ahead? I haven't set too many this year as I often over-set and end up disappointing myself. I really want to lean into my intuition this year when it comes to health, relationships, and work and trust my gut to guide my path.

Question: Can you tell us about your music goals for 2020?

DJ Tigerlily: Yes! I have been working on music for so long and have so many un-released records. I would LOVE to get them out this year to the public. Crossing my fingers and toes!

Question: What is the Here There Everywhere Tour?

DJ Tigerlily: It's my run of mostly Aussie dates over the coming months! In the winter time of Australia I generally tour overseas so it's awesome to be spending summer at home touring!

Question: How important is a flexible wellness lifestyle to you?

DJ Tigerlily: Very! It's everything! I love being healthy but I also travel a lot, work late hours, and love a glass of red wine or to. Being able to have a flexible wellness and lifestyle schedule means I can stay balanced and enjoy myself.

Question: How do you balance your passion for health with your love for alcohol and performing?

DJ Tigerlily: It's quite easy to be honest. For the most part I only play two shows a week (maximum) so during the week I'm focused on sleep, maximising my nutrition and training etc. And on the weekends I can let my hair down. I don't really drink much when I DJ either (a common misconception is that DJs are always wasted when they're working)... so I don't drink that much anymore - just on special occasions and with my friends and family!

Question: Is it possible for us to also be the life of the party whilst still prioritising wellness?

DJ Tigerlily: For sure - I like to think that I do that! It's just all about finding out what works for you, creating balance in your life, and not worrying if the balance goes out of whack for a minute. With the accessibility and knowledge, we have these days of what foods are good for you, how much sleep you need, and how important moving your body is; you can be fit and healthy while still enjoying the party!

Question: What does wellness mean, to you?

DJ Tigerlily: Feeling good, inside and out. It's not just physical, but mental and energetic and every facet of your life has to be 'healthy' in order for you to be well.

Question: How can we all adopt a healthier approach to life, this year?

DJ Tigerlily: Eat less animal product, and processed food, and eat more plants!

Question: When and what originally inspired you vegan lifestyle?

DJ Tigerlily: I Initially went vegan for health reasons back in 2016, but now I am 100% vegan for the animals. Going vegan was by far the best thing that I've ever done, the only thing I regret is not making the changes sooner.

Question: What's next, for you?

DJ Tigerlily: Lots of travelling with my DJing of course, hopefully some records of mine will be released, and I'm working on some awesome not-for-profit collabs with animal rights and vegan companies which I can't wait to share with everyone!

Interview by Brooke Hunter