Diet Coke 21st Birthday

Diet Coke 21st Birthday

The diet Coke 21st Birthday Survey Celebrates Spirited Women's Achievements Over the Last 21 Years

The diet Coke 21st Birthday Survey conducted by Newspoll, revealed today that 60 percent of Australian women* said their mum is the person they most admire for what she has achieved in the last 21 years .

The survey shows that women need to look no further than their own home when looking for spirited women to look up to. "Mum" outvoted Australian superstars Nicole Kidman, Collette Dinnigan, Cathy Freeman and Elle MacPherson, as women turned their minds to spirited women they had most admired over the last 21 years.

The diet Coke 21st Birthday Survey also revealed that four in ten women think self-confidence has most helped women in their achievements over the last 21 years, showing that women believe having a strong sense of self and inner strength, helps make anything achievable .

Self-confidence is certainly an attribute of the sexy diet Coke 21st Birthday spokesperson, Karina Brown, who has a long standing relationship with diet Coke.

"I can't believe diet Coke is 21, it's such a milestone! Celebrating 21 years is a great time to reflect and look back at what women have achieved. I personally believe it is so important, as a woman, to explore the spirit within you and to enjoy your sassy side to the full," says Brown.

"diet Coke has grown up with Australian women. Who could forget the first time The diet Coke Guy graced our screens, signalling a new era for women to enjoy being cheeky and confident. diet Coke made it okay for women to be themselves, and we've never looked back!"

Introduced in Australia this week in 1983, diet Coke has had a variety of advertising campaigns including one with Elle MacPherson and Glen Shorrock in 1987. Since then, diet Coke has introduced new flavours including diet Coke with Vanilla in 2003 and diet Coke with Lime in 2004.

Karina, when asked if she too admires her mum, said, "I've always admired my mum - she's such fun and has a real zest for life which I think is really important. What spirited women have achieved over the last 21 years is incredible; it's a great time to celebrate this."

The diet Coke 21st birthday survey shows that four in ten Australian women feel that Kay Cottee sailing solo, non-stop around the world in 1988 is the most symbolic moment for celebrating the spirit of women and their achievements . Kay's accomplishment beat Nicole Kidman winning an Oscar for her performance in The Hours as the Australian people's choice, showing that it's not all about being famous and glamorous, but more about achievement.

"This week marks the beginning of the birthday celebrations for diet Coke which will continue throughout the year, so when you have a diet Coke this week, celebrate spirited women you know, along with our birthday," said Joanna Ryan, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Australia.

Diet Coke Facts

  • It was one of the first carbonated soft drinks to enter the diet category in Australia
  • By the end of 1983, it was already the second highest selling carbonated soft drink in Australia after Coca-Cola
  • Today, diet Coke is Australia's leading diet soft drink and the best selling diet product of any kind in the world
  • diet Coke contains 0.41 calories per 100ml
  • It is now available in three flavours, diet Coke, diet Coke with Lime and diet Coke with Vanilla
  • Since its launch in 1983, Elle MacPherson, Elton John and Paula Abdul have been involved in diet Coke campaigns

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