Absolut Vanilia Vodka

Absolut Vanilia Vodka

ABSOLUT have a new member to their family and it's delicious. Absolut Vanilla, a different kind of vanilla.

Since the launch of Absolut Citron back in 1988, the flavoured vodka segment has grow substantially. In a response to public demand, Bengt Baron, president of The Absolut Company has announced the international launch of Absolut Vanilia.

"Absolut flavours are exceptional in terms of their depth and complexity, and they work equally well enjoyed very simply, such as with soda, or as a base for more sophisticated cocktails", said Lara Neville, Brand Manager of Australia.

It took a whole year of careful blending to develop the taste and, as with all Absolut flavours, it is made from all natural ingredients and contains no sugar. Absolut Vanilia has a rich, complex taste of vanilla with notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate.

"For this project we initially had three important criteria that needed to be fulfilled: the flavour should be a good compliment to the rest of the Absolut family, it should be a flavour that is well known to the consumer, and it should have a long lifespan. The focus landed on vanilla quite early in the process since it had all of these qualities: it is a flavour that most people already have a relationship with. However, Absolut Vanilia is a different kind of vanilla - more adult and robust than what people might expect", explains Eva Kempe-Forsberg, VP Marketing.

The personality of an Absolut flavour can always be identified in its bottle and its name. For Absolut Vanilia the packaging is all white.

"The white bottle is inspired by the purity of the vanilla flavour and reflects a taste that has not been mixed with other flavours or spices," says Kempe-Forsberg and continues: "The name of the product always plays an important part of the puzzle when creating a new product. It's like naming a person. With Absolut Vanilia the flavour is very straightforward but it still has a depth with its rich and distinct character dominated by vanilla."

Suitable to drink on the rocks and works perfect as a mixer. Try it with Ginger Ale and a dash of fresh limejuice. Or simply with Cola as the rich vanilla taste of Absolut Vanilia makes it perfect to mix for a refreshing long drink.

Other Absolut flavours are: Absolut Citron (1988), Absolut Kurant (1992), Absolut Mandrin (1999).

Coinciding with the launch of Absolut Vanilia in Australia this October, a selection of leading bars in key capital cities have developed a special series of cocktails which will be available throughout the month and beyond.

Participating Bars
  1. Mink, Melbourne
  2. F. Four, Melbourne
  3. Chaise Lounge, Melbourne
  4. HolliAva, Melbourne
  5. Der Raum, Melbourne
  6. Posh Bar, Sydney
  7. Lotus, Sydney
  8. Tasting Room, Sydney
  9. Water Bar, W Hotel, Sydney
  10. Dux Lounge, NZ

Cocktail Recipes
  • Absolut Vanilia Vodka
  • Absolut Vodka Fruitini's

    *The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*

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