De Lorenzo Tricho Series

De Lorenzo Tricho Series

De Lorenzo Tricho Series

The De Lorenzo Tricho Series includes four product families that provide solutions for improving the health of the scalp and hair in three areas; Scalp Balance (conditions associated with a dry scalp), Scalp Control (conditions associated with an oily scalp) and Sensitive Scalp (dermatologically certified for sensitive skin types). In addition, the range includes Scalp Treatments suited to all skin types. All products are paraben and sulfate free.

The Tricho range is specifically developed to relieve symptoms of scalp disorders that are influenced by both internal and external factors. Examples of internal health factors include stress, autoimmune disorders and hormone imbalances, while external factors include aggressors such as strong cleansers and the excessive growth of micro- flora that promotes inflammation and itching, resulting in conditions such as psoriasis and excessive dandruff. After extensive research De Lorenzo curated this range to help alleviate these concerns.


Tricho Scalp Balance
A three-step program specifically developed to relieve dry scalp symptoms such as itching, flaking, redness and scaling. Each product
contains extracts from the bark of the Ziziphus Joazeiro plant, a natural active that removes flakes, gently cleanses, soothes and
provides anti-itch properties.
RRP: $28.50
Tricho Scalp Balance Cleanser
Tricho Scalp Balance Conditioner
Tricho Scalp Balance Toner


Tricho Scalp Control
A three-step program consisting of a cleanser, conditioner and toner for the treatment of scalp concerns including Oily & Flaky Scalps, Dandruff, Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis. The Scalp Control 3-step program, is designed to reduce oiliness by 50% when used for 4 weeks. It removes flakes & gently cleanses, smoothes and provides anti-itch properties.
RRP: $28.50
Tricho Scalp Control Cleanser
Tricho Scalp Control Conditioner
Tricho Scalp Control Toner


Tricho Sensitive
The sensitive Shampoo and Sensitive Conditioner have been dermatologically certified for sensitive skin types by independent research laboratories. Infused with extracts, certified organic ingredients and botanicals, they will create a soothing and calming feeling on the scalp with anti-inflammatory properties. They are fragrance free and formulated to gently cleanse the hair and soothe the scalp, leaving it feeling purified and looking refreshed.

RRP: $28.50
Tricho Sensitive Shampoo
Tricho Sensitive Conditioner


Tricho Scalp Treatments

An emollient treatment designed to help soften and remove scaly build up without harsh irritation. It uses an effective blend of traditional sources of fatty acids, known for the treatment of Eczema and many other scalp conditions including Psoriasis, dryness and itching.
RRP: $24.50
Tricho Scalp Balm Treatment

A relief crème that can be used as an intensive night repair cream. It has been proven to control flakiness and provides anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe the scalp and skin. Scalp Relief moisturises and relieves the symptoms of dandruff, severe itching, flaking, redness, irritation and scaling.
RRP: $ 23.50
Tricho Scalp Relief Treatment


The De Lorenzo Tricho products are available in salons around Australia. Visit to find your nearest stockist.


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