De Bortoli Windy Peak

De Bortoli Windy Peak

De Bortoli Windy Peak

Leanne De Bortoli and her husband Stephen Webber invite you to try the new De Bortoli Windy Peak range - regional, approachable wines made in the Yarra Valley winery in Victoria.

De Bortoli have selected fruit from different regions around Victoria that highlight particular varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Merlot from the Yarra Valley; Pinot Grigio from the King Valley; Shiraz from Heathcote and a blended Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon from the King Valley/Yarra Valley.

These wines follow the De Bortoli philosophy of making wines with character, imagination and interest. They are not expensive wines, instead they are to be shared with family and friends over a relaxed meal.

Windy Peak King Valley Pinot Grigio 2011: Light and refreshing palate with gentle floral and herbaceous fruit flavours.
Windy Peak King Valley/Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc Semillion 2011: Fresh tropical fruit, gooseberry and grassy flavours with soft acidity.
Windy Peak King Valley Chardonnay 2011: Soft, creamy brioche-like flavours with balanced acidity and texture.
Windy Peak King Valley Pinot Noir 2010: Delicate fruit with subtle layers and complexity. Full, plump, red and dark fruit flavours, soft tannins and good structure.

Wines like these belong with food, see the recipe from Yarra Valley winery's resident chef Heath, his much loved fresh linguine with pancetta, quanciale and salami which is the perfect match with the Windy Peak King Valley Pinot Noir.

Fresh Linguine with Pancetta, Quanciale and Salami

Serves 2
For the Pasta:

2 eggs
200gm 00 flour
salt to taste
Note: a good ratio for pasta is 1 egg to 100gm of flour, per person. You could also purchase fresh pasta if you prefer.

Place flour, egg and a little salt in a food processor for 30 seconds or so, until it comes together.
Dust bench with flour and kneed until you have a nice dough. Feed through a pasta machine until silky, thin and fine. Cut into linguine size strands. Set aside.
When ready, cook fresh pasta in boiling salted water for approximately 3 minutes.

For the Sauce:

100g salami cut into strips
70g guanciale, if you can't find you can substitute with extra pancetta or some bacon
70g pancetta
3 tomatoes peeled, cored and diced
2 cloves of garlic sliced
3 spring onions sliced
small handful of parsley chopped
150ml good quality olive oil

Place the oil, garlic, pancetta and guanciale in a pan and fry until crispy. Whilst this is frying, cook your pasta. Add tomato and spring onion to the pan and cook down until soft. Add cooked pasta, a few more fresh onions, parsley and season to taste.

Recipe by: Heath Dumesny, Head Chef at Locale Restaurant.