Courtney Keil Little Heartbreak

Courtney Keil Little Heartbreak

Courtney Keil continues her ascendancy as one of the best new talents on the Australian country scene with her latest single 'Little Heartbreak'.  The Melbourne based singer / songwriter has seen her previous three singles 'Where Does All The Love Go', 'Hummingbird', and 'I Just Wanna Hold You' all hit No.1 on the iTunes Country Singles charts, with the latter also peaking at #15 on TMN CountryTown Hot 50 airplay chart and earning a semi-finalist spot in the 2020 International Songwriters Competition.

'Little Heartbreak' is a song that adds to the rich, time-honoured tradition of lovelorn breakup songs in Country music. "This song is inspired by the challenges of dating and facing 'little heartbreaks'. Events build on each other: the 'what if's,' first date failures, falling for someone then being rejected", Keil says. "Our main focus can be on major losses, long term relationship breakdown, and divorce which can underscore the pain and heartache of an ongoing dating cycle."

Working with Rod McCormack at his Music Cellar studio on the NSW Central Coast, Keil took inspiration from one of the greats of 90s Country and worked with a few legends to bring the track to fruition. "I had the pleasure of writing this with Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson. We were musically inspired by Lee Ann Womack's 1997 release 'Man With 18 Wheels'."

'Little Heartbreak' is a bouncy and upbeat song that cleverly hides the pain within the lyric. As Keil sings "I know paper cuts aren't deep, they still sting and bleed," this is a song to be uplifted with, after an emotional knock-down. "I hope this song gives the listener space to process the 'little heartbreaks' and to honour the pain that comes with them, even if not as outwardly noticeable as the big breaks!" she says.

Keil is set to kick off 2022 in a big way as part of the 'Country Girls' Night Out' tour playing with Gina Jeffreys and Tania Kernaghan, which commences in January at the 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival. She has also been playing the role of June Carter Cash alongside Daniel Thompson in "Johnny Cash: The Concert" throughout 2021 (pre-lockdown) which will be continuing in 2022.

Courtney Keil is well on her way to making an indelible mark on Australia's country music landscape. 'Little Heartbreak' is the latest in a string of singles that has enchanted the hearts of fans everywhere and is set to find and even bigger audience. She is that rare talent to make sunshine out of rain, and that magic is why she is one of the most remarkable up-and-coming talents in Australia right now.

Wednesday 19th January – Tamworth Services Club – Tamworth, NSW (w/Angus Gill)
Thursday 20th January – Country Girls' Night Out – Blazes Showroom Wests – Tamworth, NSW
Friday 4th February – Hallam Hotel – Hallam, VIC (w/ Andrew Swift)
Saturday 5th February – Gateway Hotel – Corio, VIC (w/Andrew Swift)