Chuditch Cue The Violins

Chuditch Cue The Violins

Earlier this month Western Australian songwriter Leigh Gardiner revealed the latest single from his beloved solo project Chuditch, with the '80s inspired melancholic pop track 'Cue The Violins'. After reaching the finals of the International Songwriting Competition with his epic orchestral debut, 'Grasping at the Water' last year, 'Cue The Violins' brings a contrastingly playful and upbeat energy to Gardiner's sound, cementing him as one of Perth's most exciting songwriters. Featuring a disco rhythm and driving bass line by Louis Best, complimented by guitarist Rohin Hawksley's dreamy hooks and Erin Gordon's skill on the mellotron, 'Cue The Violins' is Gardiner's most danceable release yet. Now, Chuditch is excited to reveal his self-conceived new video, directed by regular collaborator, Nathan Martella.

Similar to the storyline of the song which deals with the idea of suffering for your art, the film clip for 'Cue the Violins' tackles the way some suffer mentally, particularly under the influence of alcohol. In the film clip Leigh starts stumbling down the road having enjoyed a good night out. As the music begins, he starts dancing along as best he can but slowly the past regrets or 'sins' start to appear in the form of masked dancers, before overshadowing him and manipulating his every move.

"I know personally when I have a few drinks I start off having a bit of fun, but slowly the inner dialogue starts to influence my mood & becomes quite suffocating and I become more withdrawn. Eventually we start moving together as if I have accepted the sins and are comfortable with their influence." – Leigh Gardiner, Chuditch

Leigh met choreographer Yilin Kong while working on a children's theatre show Ghost in my Suitcase which sparked the idea of doing a dance based film clip. He workshopped some of his daggy dance moves with Yilin before she brought in her professional dancing friends Lily King and Mai Greenberg for a rehearsal. Leigh enlisted regular collaborators Nathan Martella to film/edit and Ruby Smedley to make the dancer's costumes and masks inspired by The Mighty Boosh's thrown together designs. The film clip was shot one evening in January down a laneway in Northbridge in between UberEats riders and cars to finally get the two single shots required to make up the clip. Cast your eyes and ears over 'Cue The Violins' now.