Chris Tamwoy Kulba Yaday

Chris Tamwoy Kulba Yaday

"Kulba Yaday is a song is about the passing of knowledge from generation to generation". 


Emerging Indigenous singer-songwriter and musician Chris Tamwoy announces inspiring version of Australian classic 'Kulba Yaday' Out this Friday via ABC Music.  

Meaning 'old talk', the powerful and sacred Kulba Yaday was originally released by acclaimed artist Christine Anu.  Anu partnered with Tamwoy to record a new version of the track which is performed acoustically with rhythmic guitar.  Together they take you on a journey through the old traditions and cultural practices of the Torres Strait. Accompanying them on backing vocals is up and coming musician, Tania-Rose Gibuma.


Chris feels strongly connected to the song and explains "One evening I decided to send Christine a message requesting permission to record the song and add it to my album. She agreed to it and asked if I wanted to do it as a duet…. I knew this song would be such a privilege to collaborate with Christine on and have my little cousin Tania do back-up vocals.


 Kulba Yaday is one of my personal favourites. I come from a very big family that are music lovers and majority of them play instruments and sing songs. In this case, Kulba Yaday has always been a 'go to' song to sing and jam along to. 


Torres Strait language is a vital part of growing up; it's what paints our identity as First Nations Australians. The conversations I have with my old people, old people being my Elders, are generally focused on preparing me for the challenges that lie ahead. 'Kulba Yaday', meaning 'old talk' by 'Kulba Mabaygal' meaning 'old people' is the foundation to our life. The 'old talk' contains messages of wisdom and understanding to assist us in the future to become better men and women. It holds the answers to questions that we will ask ourselves later down the track." 


This song is written in Christine Anu's mother's language, Kalaw Kawaw Ya (KKY) and when asked what originally inspired the song and to comment on the use of the traditional language, Christine explains, "This song came to me in a dream due to the influences of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians that were affecting my social conscience at the time. I wanted the song, Kulba Yaday, to pay homage to our oral traditions and to remember what is a strong part of our customs. These very traditions are being lived by, still to this day, based on kulba yaday." 


Dubbed a 'guitar virtuoso', Chris Tamwoy has both Eastern and Western Torres Strait Islander blood running through his veins.  His distinctive guitar-tap style sees him in high demand for gigs across Australia, the USA, ongoing media appearances and documentary features.  Over the last few years Chris has been rehearsing and recording his full album debut Reality Is set for release later this year.