Chocolate and Whisky Pairing for Easter

Chocolate and Whisky Pairing for Easter

Chocolate and Whisky Pairing for Easter

Whisky is the only spirit on the rise around the world - including Australia, and it's attracting a new generation of discerning drinker. With Easter on the horizon, have you considered pairing whisky and chocolate as a stunning sweet and smooth combo? Chocolate coats the mouth and tongue, blunting the taste buds, ready for whisky's complex aromas to titillate the nose then slide over the palate for a delectable tasting experience.

Internationally-acclaimed Tasmanian premium single malt whisky maker, Nant, recommends 90% dark cacao chocolate like Sisko Chocolate as a perfect companion to its liquid gold (RRP$165 for a 500mL bottle) available to buy or gift from or by the dram from a Nant Whisky Bar (see website for details - Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and coming soon to Sydney).

For an Easter gift recommendation, Nant Single Cask Sherry Wood (43% alcohol) goes particularly well with chocolate - it starts with a sweet and nutty nose before tasting its delicate touch of heat and sherry undercurrent that leaves a lovely overtone of coffee to finish. Available for $165 for a 500mL bottle, it recently won a Gold medal at the World Spirit Awards in Europe.

Tasting Guide

When tasting Chocolate and Whisky together, there's a nuanced process to getting the best out of both:

1. Take the whisky on the palate, moving it around the mouth for awhile to let the flavours build.
2. Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a very small piece of chocolate on the tongue. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Whisky as they come together.
3. Towards the end of the melt, take a little of the whisky back over the chocolate. This leads to greater intensity and often the development of some interesting and unexpected flavours.
4. Enjoy the finish as you normally would, only this time you will see some interesting variations in the profile of the whisky.