Chocolate and Banana Roll Up

Chocolate and Banana Roll Up

Chocolate and Banana Roll Up

This snack is perfect with many combinations, get adventurous with your snacking.



 1 Soft & Fluffy
2 tbsp Macabella Choc-Macadamia Spread
1 Banana


1. Heat wrap in microwave
2. Place wrap flat on bench and cover with chocolate spread
3. Put banana on edge of wrap and roll wrap around the banana

• Use honey or jam
• Toast once rolled 

New Snack Option Means After-School Hunger Is All Wrapped Up

A new snack option means you'll have after-school snack time all wrapped up. Satisfying after-school hunger is a real treat with Mission Foods' new Soft & Fluffy Wraps. Smaller than a regular wrap, Soft & Fluffy Wraps are the perfect size for little hands.

Extremely versatile, these snack wraps can be enjoyed with any filling – sweet or savoury. Serve with a favourite spread or put together a combination of fresh ingredients, Soft & Fluffy Wraps make snack time easy at any time of the day.

For breakfast, use Soft & Fluffy Snack Wraps as a base for cheesy egg and bacon cups. For after-school, combine turkey with lettuce, tomato and cucumber or, for a more substantial snack, create a wrap stack with layers of ham and goat's cheese. For a sweet treat, fill with ice-cream and raspberries to create cinnamon cups or top with sticky caramelised peaches, the perfect end to any meal.

For an even softer and fluffier option, pop Soft & Fluffy Wraps in the microwave or in a sandwich press, ready and warm in less than a minute. Available in a handy resealable 12-pack, Soft & Fluffy Snack Wraps are available in Coles and selected IGA stores nationally.


RRP $4.99.


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