Chobani Blackcurrant and Chobani Kiwifruit

Chobani Blackcurrant and Chobani Kiwifruit

Chobani Blackcurrant and Chobani Kiwifruit

Chobani has launched two new flavours; Chobani Blackcurrant and limited batch Chobani Kiwifruit available at Woolworths stores across Australia.


Chobani continues to refresh their range with exciting limited batch flavours to keep Australian taste buds on their toes and deliver to popular fan request for innovative new flavours.


Kiwifruit was chosen as this seasons limited batch as a popular winter fruit down under. It pairs perfectly with Chobani's creamy Greek yogurt, bringing a fresh new light to the kiwi fruit that Australian's know and love. Made with real kiwi fruit taking your taste buds on a sensory ride, with kiwi seed crunch and a refreshingly sweet yet tangy flavour.


In addition to launching limited batch Chobani Kiwifruit, Chobani expands its core range with a creamy take on a fruity classic; welcoming Chobani Blackcurrant to the range. The sweet satisfaction creates an experience with juicy fruitiness in every mouthful.

Chobani selected Blackcurrant as its newest core range addition for its widely enjoyed and familiar taste.  


Peter Meek, Managing Director Chobani Australia, states that 'our fans are always eager to discover what new Chobani flavors will come out next, so it's important that we keep our range fresh and innovative.

The ability to launch limited batch flavours as an extension from our core range, allows us to test and learn what consumers want and deliver to popular fan flavours request."


Chobani's focus on innovation continues with new flavour and product development in line with their mission to bringing better food to more people.


Review: DROOL! Breakfast for the rest of the year is sorted with Chobani Blackcurrant and Kiwifruit flavours.

I really appreciated the Blackcurrant taste – it's almost a refresh on the traditional Chobani Blueberry, I love. The fruit at the bottom is always a welcomed surprise (hint: stir then eat).

Completely different to the other Chobani offerings the Kiwifruit flavour is delicious and has an identifiably strong kiwi flavor (which I love); tart and sweet this yogurt is absolute perfection. How do I start a campaign to ensure the Kiwifruit flavour stays around? That or I'll be buying the entire limited batch at my local Woolworths.

- Brooke Hunter


Chobani was founded on the belief that people have great taste; they just need great options. It is this belief that brought Chobani to Australia"home to a nation of people passionate about food and some of the best milk in the world. Since its national launch in Australia in 2012, Chobani has become Australia's fastest growing yogurt brand, reshaping the Australian yogurt category with a yogurt uniquely crafted using an authentic straining process. Chobani Australia (Chobani Pty Ltd) also produces the category-leading Gippsland Dairy Twist brand and specialty cream products under the Gippsland Dairy label. For more information, visit