Chef Guillaume Brahimi Interview

Chef Guillaume Brahimi Interview

Chef Guillaume Brahimi Interview

Renowned Chef and Samsung Ambassador Guillaume, shares a sneak peek into his new restaurant -Guillaume' in Paddington through two YouTube videos created by Samsung Australia.

The videos capture Guillaume's love of fine French cuisine and technique with a philosophy of sourcing only the best seasonal produce in Australia. He shares his passion for his work and reveals how technology helps him manage his restaurants. It's must see viewing for any aspiring chefs into how to make it to the top of the food chain, with a bit of French Flair.

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Interview with Guillaume Brahimi

Question: What can you share with us about Guillaume?

Guillaume Brahimi: It is just so exciting to be open- we have been working on the creation of this restaurant for a number of months now and it is exactly how I imagined it would be. We are just thrilled with it!

Question: What inspired the creation of Guillaume?

Guillaume Brahimi: I have always wanted to create a beautiful restaurant that is stylish but comfortable, and has a local feel to it with and international reputation. Guillaume is so different to Bennelong, which was at the iconic Sydney Opera House. I love the fact that it is in the lovely neighborhood of Paddington in Sydney, which has such a great local vibe and culture.

Question: Can you tell us about the French cuisine featured on the Guillaume menu?

Guillaume Brahimi: My food really is based on French technique, but is very Australian in its delivery. So, there are a few classics on the menu, like the Paris mash and the soufflé, but we always create new dishes inspired by the produce of the season. Many of the dishes are far lighter than you may expect from 'traditional' French cuisine to add that Aussie touch.

Question: How does the menu change to promote the best seasonal produce in Australia?

Guillaume Brahimi: We change the menu all the time- if we receive some beautiful new produce, we find a way to put it on the menu.

Question: How does technology help you manage your restaurants?

Guillaume Brahimi: Having modern technology, like Samsung's Galaxy S5, is key in being able to run more than one restaurant. It connects me to my head chefs, to my managers in Melbourne and Perth, and it allows us to share ideas and feedback in so many different ways. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has also really helped me manage my time and schedule, perfect when running restaurants and balancing a busy family life.

Question: Why was it important to you to share your work through two YouTube videos created by Samsung Australia?

Guillaume Brahimi: I think it is important to show how a modern restaurant is run and the help we get from new technology. It was also a great way to give some insight into my new restaurant, which is so special to me. Through the Samsung Galaxy S5 content, it shows viewers how a restaurant is run and how technology can help make a kitchen and a business run easier.

Question: What originally sparked your passion for food?

Guillaume Brahimi: Probably originally my family, but working in some great kitchens in Paris in the very beginning of my career with chefs who were so passionate about produce and what they did had a huge impact on me.

Question: What are your earliest kitchen memories?

Guillaume Brahimi: My mother is the reason I became a chef. I have always loved her cooking and when I was younger, I used to sit in the kitchen with her and watch her cook.

Question: Who was your food inspiration, when starting in the kitchen?

Guillaume Brahimi: I was very lucky to work with Joel Robuchon in Paris. He taught me so much about fine dining and the hard work involved in being a chef.

Question: What would you serve at a Spring three-course dinner party?

Guillaume Brahimi: I like to keep my dinner parties very simple, so I can spend as much time as possible with my guests. I generally like to have something simple to start, like oysters, and then roast a beautiful piece of meat and serve it with a salad and some simple sides like potatoes. I like to finish with cheese, including a lovely piece of Holy Goat.

Interview by Brooke Hunter