Cedarsmoke Anything

Cedarsmoke Anything

With their brooding approach to indie-rock and ability to diffuse sunshine-filled melodies with self-deprecating darkness, Cedarsmoke have returned with a newfound positivity in optimistic new single 'Anything', out now.

After the release of last year's topical EP 'Everything Is The Worst', followed by the latest bittersweet single 'Being Young Is Getting Old', the Brisbane five-piece are bringing more of a glass-half-full outlook to their new track, both lyrically and sonically.

'Anything' immediately sways and saunters with flourishing mandolin tones and joyful synthesiser riffs. Distinctive gravelly vocals from frontman Jon Cloumassis deliver a vulnerable warmth in this track, accompanied by honeyed harmonies from guest vocalist Maddie Keinonen (Dumb Things) in the chorus. Dependable percussion keeps an indie-rock buoyancy throughout, broken up by a groovy instrumental bridge that features otherworldly synths and a shining mandolin solo. Like being wrapped in an embrace by someone you love, 'Anything' is tender, cosy and full of possibilities.

Written as an optimistic love song, Cedarsmoke prove that they're not as cynical as once believed, bringing upbeat energy to match heartfelt lyrics. Cloumassis further describes the song:

"'Anything' is intended as an optimistic love song lyrically, and musically we went for an upbeat arrangement to go with the words, which is something we don't often do as a lot of our songs are quite melancholic. Lyrically, the verses detail a relationship with short scenes and stream-of-consciousness references to nursery rhymes, eclipses and travel."

With an impressive back catalogue of releases that have seen support from theMusicAU ReviewAAA BackstageHysteria MagScenestrMusic Is My MuseLocal Band SmokeoutTriple J Unearthed and more, Cedarsmoke continue to inspire with their passion and dedication.