Caramel Popcorn Bonbonniere

Caramel Popcorn Bonbonniere

Caramel Popcorn Bonbonniere Made with William Morris Jars

It's the month of love. Wedding season is well and truly upon us and Valentines Day is just around the corner. Create beautiful bonbonniere to show your love for your special someone with deliciously sweet hand made caramel popcorn. Show off your creation
in the cute Maxwell & Wlliams William Morris Jars.

Share your sweet creations in an adorable glass jar. For an extra sweet touch, match the rich colour of the lid with a beautiful satin ribbon bow around the jar



Combine 125g butter, 3/4 cup white sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey in a saucepan over medium heat. Cook the mixutre by stirring for five to seven minutes or until sugar has desolved. Bring mixture to the boil and leave uncovered without stirring for five to eight minutes, until light golden.

Remove caramel from heat and pour over 16 cups of popcorn. Stir until well coated.

Spread caramel popcorn mixture onto a tray lined with baking paper and leave to cool completely
Once hardened, break into pieces and serve in your favourite Maxwell & Williams William Morris Jar.