What's the Buzz Day

What's the Buzz Day
National Diabetes Week - 14 July - 21 July 2002

Look out for Barnaby Bee on What's the BUZZ Day - Friday 19 July, as part of National Diabetes Week!

National Diabetes Week concludes with What's the BUZZ Day, a major fundraising and awareness day for Diabetes Australia - Victoria.

There are some alarming statistics associated with diabetes - it is Australia's seventh leading cause of death; approximately 1,040,000 Australians have diabetes - although 50% of sufferers don't know they have it and every ten minutes someone is diagnosed. Research and education into the disease is essential, and Diabetes Australia - Victoria, a not-for-profit organisation, is dedicated to these activities.

Former Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski is lending his support for What's The BUZZ Day and says, "We are hoping to double our efforts in 2002 to raise these vital funds for diabetes."

The community can help support Diabetes Australia - Victoria by purchasing a Barnaby Bee magnetic lapel badge, Barnaby Bee pen, Barnaby Bee toy or Barnaby Bee soft fluffy toys throughout July. In particular, on What's The BUZZ Day, Barnaby Bee soft fluffy bees will be available from city railway stations and the Bourke Street Mall, as well as from DAV outlets, Terry White Pharmacies, Borders Bookstores, Foundation Health Care, and Chemworld. Call 1300 136 588 for more information.

All money raised from sale of merchandise will support Diabetes Australia Victoria's awareness, research and educational activities, which are vital for helping many thousands of people living with diabetes.

How you can help?
Diabetes Australia - Victoria needs volunteers to help out with What'sThe Buzz Day 2002. People can help on What's The BUZZ Day by:
  1. Volunteering to help sell bees on Friday 19 July 2002 around the CBD
  2. Simply by buying Barnaby Bee product available in July

Where can you buy?
Bee merchandise will be available in various outlets throughout July:
  • Terry White Chemists
  • Borders bookstores
  • Foundation Health Care
  • ChemWorld
  • Pharmacists Advice
  • National Pharmacies

Call Michelle Unwin or Bay Ang on (03) 9667 1740 or email: mail@dav.org.au in order to volunteer to sell bees.