Busting The Aussie Meat Myth

Busting The Aussie Meat Myth

Busting The Aussie Meat Myth

Last month, 100 Australians were invited to an independent blind taste testing to give their opinions on a new food range, uncovering some surprising findings about Aussies and their meat eating habits.

Prior to trying the food, nearly half (47%) of our carnivorous Australians said they never eat high protein non-meat food instead of meat in their everyday meals and 84% said when they thought about eating vegetarian food they were worried they would miss out on the food they enjoy.

Post testing the range food, which included a meat lover's dream of hot dogs and sausages, it was revealed that all of the food they had been eating was not what it appeared to be – it was in fact, not meat at all.

Following the taste testing, and the revelation that they had been eating -not-meat', there was a distinctive shift in attitude with 94% of meat eaters agreeing that they thought the food they had tried offered a good alternative to eating meat and 100% saying that it offered convenient meat-free eating.

Furthermore, 81% of our meat lovers said after the trying the food they would consider incorporating two to three vegetarians meals a week into their everyday diet.

'You don't have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to eat and enjoy a meat substitute. We know monitoring meat consumption is dietary topic that is high on the agenda of many Australian's looking to lead a healthy lifestyle," said Tammy Fry Kelly, Marketing Director from Fry's Family Foods.

In fact, 87% of our taste testers said they consider themselves to be healthy or mostly healthy eaters, But the question often asked is, given the Australian dietary guidelines recommend eating 3-4 palm sized serves of meat a week – what are we supposed to eat for the other 10 main meals each week? These products offer simple alternatives without sacrificing taste and what you love to eat."

And the taste testers did love the food they ate, with 93% saying they enjoyed what they tried.

'We wish we could have every meat loving Australian out there try a meat replacement as we can see from the results that there is a myth to be busted about it being a compromise on flavour and enjoyment,"

The taste testing comes off the back of Fry's Group Foods, a family run business, launching their new range of chilled, heat and eat meat-free products in Australia.

'Many of our customers want to know exactly what they are eating and importantly, feeding to their children, We are proud that our food is always 100% sustainably sourced and full of taste, with no Genetically Modified Ingredients or added artificial nasties,

We offer everyone simple, easy, guilt-free and cruelty-free food choices they can feel good about at the dinner table," concluded Tammy

The chilled range is not the only thing Fry's has brought to Australia; three generations of the entire family has also moved here to make to most of the lifestyle and bring their meat-free message to all Australians.

'We are so proud to call Australia our new home, not just for us but also our new range." concluded Tammy.

To learn more about Fry's new chilled range now available throughout Woolworths and for yummy recipes for the whole family visit frysvegetarian.com.au