Blackcurrent or Mango & Peach Conserve

Blackcurrent or Mango & Peach Conserve

A Flavour for Every Season with Bonne Maman's New Blackcurrant and Mango & Peach Conserves


Family favourite Bonne Maman has launched two new conserves to its delicious portfolio; rich and intense Blackcurrant Conserve, and tropical sweet Mango & Peach Conserve, bringing a new range of taste sensations to the table.



The Bonne Maman Blackcurrant Conserve is deep and rich layered with an irresistible combination of tart and sweet berry flavours. Exuding nostalgia of home baking, Bonne Maman's Blackcurrant Conserve is perfect to use in delicious Blackcurrant pies, Roast Chicken with a Blackcurrant gravy or Shortbread Blackcurrant cakes. It's all year-round seasonality means this delectable conserve is also ideal for summer puddings, lemon and blackcurrant muffins and even a flavoursome addition to a BBQ glaze.


At the other end of the flavour spectrum sits Bonne Maman's Mango & Peach Conserve. Injecting a sense of tropicality into the Bonne Maman Conserve range, this flavour combination offers a sweet freshness and vibrant sensation, bringing a sense of exotic destination into the home.


The Mango & Peach Conserve would be a great addition paired with desserts like Fruit Trifles, Spiced Peach & Mango Pavlova, Peach & Mango Tarte Tatin, elevated Tropical Tiramisu or main meals, such as Roast Pork Belly with a Peach & Mango Salsa or Balsamic Peach Mango Grilled Chicken.


Bonne Maman uses the finest quality ingredients packed lovingly in glass jars, sealed with their signature gingham lids and handwritten style labels. The reusable packaging means you can upcycle the jars and use as individual portion sized desserts or for special homemade gifts such as potted succulents, herb garden or as a vase.


Bonne Maman Conserves contains no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.


Both Bonne Maman Blackcurrant Conserve and Bonne Maman Mango & Peach Conserve (370g jar, RRP $5.49) will be available in Independent Supermarkets from 10th August in the spreads aisle.


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Rich flavours of Blackcurrent or Sweet Mango & Peach Conserve from Bonne Maman are delicious and versatile.  Keep it simple on toast, rolls, pancakes and scones, or use them to add rich flavours to your meat, sauces and deserts.


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