Bolognese Frying-Pan Lasagna

Bolognese Frying-Pan Lasagna

Total carbs: 10.7g
Protein: 45.8g
Fat: 26.1
Calories: 403
Total time: 45 minutes
Serves: 4

1/3 crepe recipe
450g lean minced beef
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper
Olive oil spray
4 garlic cloves crushed
2 tablespoons tomato puree
400g canned chopped tomatoes
120ml dry white wine, beef or chicken stock
6 fresh basil leaves
20g chopped fresh flatleaf parsley
125gb thinly slices mozzarella
15g parmesan cheese

Ingredients – Crepes:
4 eggs
2 tablespoons double cream
100g flour
30g almond flour
0.75g salt
180ml water
Olive oil spray

Prepare the four crepes
Place the eggs, cream, flour, salt and water in a blender. Blend until smooth
Let the batter rest in fridge for an hour
Coat a small frying pan with the olive oil spray and place over medium-high heat
Add about 4 tablespoons of the batter and swirl it around the pan to spread out in a thin layer
Cook for 2-3 minutes, until the edges start to brown, then flip it over
Cook for a minute more, until the crepe is firm, and then transfer it to a plate
Repeat with the remaining batter, adding olive oil spray as needed
Set aside, and commence making lasagna
Sprinkle the beef with the salt and pepper
Coat a large heavy frying pan with olive oil spray and place over medium heat
Add the beef and garlic, cook for 5-6 minutes and stir occasionally until beef is well browned
Add the tomato puree and cook for 1-2 minutes more, until fragrant
Add tomatoes, wine, basil and parsley. Increase the heat to high and bring to a rapid simmer
Reduce the heat to low and cook covered for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sauce thickens
Top the sauce with the four crepes, layering them slightly over each other to completely cover the surface of the meat
Cover with the mozzarella slices and then sprinkle with the parmesan
Coat the inside of the pan lid with olive oil spray to prevent it from sticking and cover the lasagna
Simmer for 10-15 minutes more, until the cheese is melted and bubby
Serve immediately

How To Get Through Winter Without Changing Good Eating Habits

Atkins, the low carb experts share their secrets to maintaining weight wellness this winter

For many, winter symbolises the start of a three-month hibernation. With the cooler weather and shorter days, people tend to hide from the cold by staying inside. Winter can also lead to eating more and moving less which can result in a swing away from the good eating habits developed over the warmer months.

The team at Atkins Nutritionals has shared a few simple steps you can implement in your daily routine to maintain weight wellness over winter – without the FOMO.

Home is Where the Heart is
Instead of dining out or ordering takeaways for dinner every night, cook at home. Not only does cooking at home allow you to be in control of your food, there is the added bonus of saving money. Home cooking is a simple way to maintain weight wellness, as you can see exactly what goes into your food, make healthier choices, and control your portion sizes.

Seek Substitutes
Eating raises body temperature, so during winter people seek out foods they ordinarily may not. Winter 'comfort foods" such as lasagne, mac and cheese, creamy pasta and chocolate are riddled with carbs and calories. Maintaining a healthy weight doesn't mean missing out on comfort foods but there are always healthy alternatives. Atkins' recipe for a 'cheat version" lasagne uses low-carb crepe layers and is made in minimal time using a frying pan - without the mess or copious calories. Satisfy your sweet tooth by keeping low-carb snacks handy, such as Atkins Endulge Bars, rather than giving in to sugar-laden confectionary cravings.

Curb the Carbs
Comfort foods, in the form of dense carbohydrates combined with little to no exercise can de-rail healthy eating habits. Increasing lean protein intake can help curb the carbs and prevent overeating. By packing your meals with lean protein such as eggs, poultry, yogurt, fish, tofu, legumes, nuts and selected veggies, you can enjoy the same great winter flavors, without the unwanted carbs.

Plan Ahead
Meal prepping is essential in weight wellness and is as simple as doubling your dinner portion, so you have lunch for the next day. Not being prepared or having enough food in the house is a common excuse but there's an easy way around it – plan ahead!

Get Moving
Prioritising exercise is vital to ongoing weight wellness. While going out for a run or walk in the winter is less desirable, take on indoor activities such as joining a gym, Pilates or yoga classes, or even swimming in an indoor pool. Prioritising movement and remaining consistent is key. Schedule exercise just as you would an important appointment or night out.

This recipe is an extract from -Eat Right, Not Less' the new book from Atkins by New York Times bestselling author and Atkins nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz. The book is a revolutionary guide to a low carbohydrate lifestyle, fully illustrated and packed with 100 delicious whole-food recipes. It will teach you to eat right, not less, to reach your weight management goals and achieve optimal health. Available to purchase from Booktopia and Amazon.

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