With TV show The Biggest Loser in full swing, hashtags such as #cleaneating and #fitspo making the rounds on social media, and the continued rise of get-fit-quick programs, it is no wonder Australians are looking for healthier options in 2014.

BIONADE [Bee-oh-nah-deh] is a new organic beverage proudly sticking it to the -big guys' in the
Australian soft drink industry and encouraging Aussies to rethink fizzy beverage choices and opt for something better for you!

Great things about BIONADE:
Certified organic in both raw ingredients and production,
BIONADE is low in sugar,
Is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours,
Is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and,
Is gluten free
Makes a fantastic and delicious alternative to regular soft drinks for kids and families in these
hot sweaty days, mums can rest assured their kids aren't filling up on sugar-filled drinks!

BIONADE contains plenty of good stuff like calcium and magnesium and is without the bad ones; it's low in sodium and phosphorous free, also making a mean mocktail or sorbet for budding chefs.

Distinctively fruity, but not too sweet, it's the production process of this healthy soft drink that makes it so unique. The creator of BIONADE (A Bavarian beer brewer by the name of Dieter Leipold) dreamt of a brewed soft drink that is 100% organic. It's brewed like beer with the same purity law as German beer, but without the alcohol content. Made with 100% organic ingredients, natural aromas, extracts and juices obtained from real fruits and herbs, the entire production process is organic as well.

International Author and Nutritional expert, Dr. Rebecca Harwin believes the high level of sugar
in soft drinks is significantly damaging to the mind and body.

'Too much sugar can cause insulin resistance, which can cause Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Diabetes, heart disease, acne, overweight and obesity, mood swings, cravings, fertility challenges and more"

BIONADE $4.00 RRP can be purchased at local cafés, health food stores and online and is available in four unique flavours including Ginger & Orange (zesty and spicy), Lychee (crisp and fruity), Elderberry (berrylicious), and Herbs (fresh and mellow); delicious, fresh and distinctive
flavours developed using real juices and natural ingredients. Serve straight or over ice, and drink your way to a better life.

Visit or for more information and join the revolution - #BIONADErevolution!