Bio Ionic, Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron

Bio Ionic, Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron
What is the secret to silky straight hair without long term damage? Bio Ionic!

Bio Ionic have produced a range of straightening itool including the Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron. This Iron can be used in conjuction with your Bio Ionic Hair Straightening to smooth out & dry off after drying your hair.

Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron can also be used on everyday hair to calm, defrizz and tame your hair. Unlike other Irons, the Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron adds moisture to your hair and instead of drying out and causing split ends, it conditions to leave your hair in remarkable condition, and silky smooth.

Bio Ionic provide technology for advanced hydration & straightening. The Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Bio Ionic Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron leaves hair healthy & hydrated, not lifeless & brittle like other flat irons on the market. The patented RTX Iron Features & Benefits include:
  • Natural Ion Complex emits negative ions & far infrared energy;
  • Smoothes & hydrates hair
  • Cushion Wave Plates for 50% faster & more effective straightening;
  • BioCeramic Heaters for fast heat up & constant heat;
  • Fluoro-Ionic Coating protects & glides easily;
  • 9 Temperature Settings (240-400 degrees Farenheit) give variable temperature for different hair types.
  • Scalp Protectors protect skin from burning; and
  • Constant Heat Vents maintain fixed temperatures.

    Nano-Ionic™ Mineral Technology is the newest breakthrough for the fastest, most effective straightening ever!

    Nano-Ionic™ Mineral Emissions
  • Negative Ions break down water molecule clusters for intensive hydration
  • Far infrared Energy straightens hair faster from inside out

    BioCeramic™ Heaters with Cushion Plates
  • BioCeramic™ Heaters with Custion Plates straighten hair faster, leaving it healthy, hydrated and not flattened.

    Review: I've been straightening my hair for as long as I can remember. The Bio Ionic Nano Ionic Conditioning Straightening Iron cuts my straightening time to nothing. Gone are the days where I lay on my pillow after drying my hair to flatten my mop just a little bit more. The Bio Ionic Straightening Iron takes only a few minutes to achieve that salon finish. Having semi coloured hair, irons usually break my hair, but the Bio Ionic Straightening Iron smoothes & silkens my hair without causing split ends. My hair feels light, thinner and more manageable. This straightener is my new best friend, thanks Bio Ionic!

    If you have dreamed about having straight have, don't wait another minute, change you life with Bio Ionic treatment & straightening products.

    Bio Ionic Straightening available through:

    Kabuki Hair Studio
    Shop 5, 101 Grattan St,
    Carlton, VIC 3053
    phone: (03) 9349 1727

    Bio Ionic Products available online
    Straighting Irons, Hair Dryers, iBrushs, Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatments

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