BFree Wrap Options

BFree Wrap Options

BFree Wrap Options

World famous Flexi Foodie and the future Countess of Sandwich, London-based Julie Montagu is coming to Australia from July 19- 21. As BFree's ambassador, Julie's goal is to take the guilt out of our carb consumption and put some serious royalty into wraps.


Julie has a passion for wellness and positivity. She has also been named one of the top 10 holistic and health icons in the world.


Julie and her husband Luke Montagu (Viscount Hinchingbrooke) or 'Lord Sandwich" have a strong connection to Australia. Mr Montagu is the future Earl of Sandwich, and his ancestor funded Captain Cook's voyage to Australia.


'Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. But somewhere along the way, even the most health-conscious of us can become overwhelmed by the endless information and advice available to us, and feel tempted to give up" Julie says.


Often people avoid bread or feel bloated and unwell after having a sandwich – this is frequently due to sensitivities to wheat or gluten.

BFree products are tummy friendly and allergen free, they contain natural wholesome ingredients such as sweet potato, buckwheat, chia and linseed with no added sugar!


BFree & Julie Montagu have carefully crafted four wellness wraps to promote better health for those with sensitive stomach's. The stomach is the epicentre of the body and is well known as being the body's second mind.


BFree's wellness wraps come in three delicious range of flavours: 


Quinoa and Chia Seed with Teff and Linseed 

Sweet Potato Wrap

'I am so passionate about BFree's products and the exclusive health benefits they offer. As an avid foodie, I fully understand the impacts that gluten can have on the gut. If you ignore your gut, you're ignoring your body and your body always finds ways to let you know exactly what's going on" Julie says.


Trust your gut and let BFree and Lady Sandwich take you back to the days where a lunch selection was perfectly affordable, simple and guilt free #wellwrapped are available at Woolworths and fine retailers throughout Australia.


BFree Wellness Wraps created by Julie Montagu


Each BFree wrap recipe contains ingredients that help restore wellness to the areas that have never mattered more.


Skin Care Wrap


White Beans

Red Cabbage

Vinegar and Lemon

Red onion


Mindfulness Wrap

Feta Cheese

Parsley and Mint



Chicken Strips


Energy Wrap

Brown Rice

Light Tuna Chunks

Spring Onion




Gut Health Wrap

Salmon (Cooked)