Bega Australian Cheese

Bega Australian Cheese

Bega Cheese is proud to be named one of Australia’s top products in the latest AUSBUY guide hitting supermarket shelves nationwide this Easter.

AUSBUY is encouraging Australians to buy locally made produce in a bid to pull Australia out of the recession, and what better place to start with than 100% Australian made and owned Bega Cheese?

Bega Cheese has been making high quality cheese products for Australian families for over 100 years from the beautiful green pastures of Bega Valley.

The company is owned by the 108 dairy farmers that supply milk to the factory, and employs a further 500 local staff to produce the cheese for Australia’s market leading brand.*

As part of their study, AUSBUY, a not-for-profit organisation that encourages Australians to support Australian owned and made products and services, also uncovered the truth about the amount of Australian-made products being purchased in comparison to imported products.

The results revealed Australians spend $1.4 billion in supermarkets every year, yet only $170 million of this is spent on Australian owned and made produce.

A number of Bega’s products routinely beat out their foreign counterparts in a competitively priced battle, allowing Australians to buy locally made produce and save money at the same time.

*Bega Cheese has a MAT value share of 12.1%.

About Bega Cheese
Bega Cheese, located in the Bega Valley, is owned and operated by 100 local dairy farmers. It has been a part of the Australian landscape since 1899 and is a company that is passionate about Australian farming. Fonterra Brands are the exclusive agents for the Bega brand in Australia. Visit for further information.